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Upcoming training

  • Cape Town: Advanced Hypnosis (CC2)- 20-21 January 2018
  • Cape Town: Self Mastery through Auto Hypnosis (SM)- 27 January 2018
  • Johannesburg: Self Mastery through Auto Hypnosis (SM)- 27 January 2018
  • Johannesburg: Basic Hypnosis (CC1)- 10-11 February 2018
  • Cape Town: Group Hypnosis, Scripting, Suggestion Sets & Conversational Hypnosis Techniques (CC3)- 24-25 February 2018

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Course testimonials
  • Faizel Bagus: "My life has already found direction. It will bring peace and healing".
  • Dr Enver Mia(Dentist): "I'm motivated to learn more about Hypnosis and use it in my practice".
  • Dr Annette Kenwright: "The workshop was fantastic. Pulled it all together!".

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SAIH Training Courses

Advanced hypnosis (CC2)

Classroom Courses

Cost: R2 750

Duration: 2 days, Saturday and Sunday Times: Sat: 09:00 to 17:00, Sun: 09:00 to 17:00

Basic Hypnosis - Client Centered Hypnotherapy CC2

Course Objectives

To introduce the student to Client Centred Symptomatic Hypnotherapy and the knowledge and techniques required to attain level 2 certification and the path to final certification as a non medical Hypnotherapist/Parts Therapy Practitioner.


After attending the course and submission of the case study the participant should have developed competence with the following aspects:

Competence to hold an efficient client intake pre-talk, to alleviate misconceptions, reduce resistance and to understand the client's concerns and goals. Will have observed or discussed with the client the Law of Dominant Effect and Secondary Gain and made use of a client consent form and discuss referral to other professionals when applicable and/or ensure that the client is in medical care if approaches of pain management are envisaged. After utilizing an effective client centered induction and application of suitable methods to deepen trance by assessing the signs of hypnosis, participants will conduct the session in a client centered manner within the scope of practice using appropriate suggestions, imagery, scripts and/or metaphors for the client's benefit without leading. Understand the benefits of training the changes, or modified thinking/behaviour with future integration and after trance termination will engage in a debriefing phase and keep records of the session for future reference.

Topics to be covered:

  • Revision and Observations PRACTICE
  • Resistance
  • Client Intake Pre-Talk PRACTICE
  • Law of Dominant Effect and Secondary Gain
  • Trance Deepening Methods
  • Depth and Signs of Hypnosis
  • Philosophy of Client Centered Approaches/ Scope of Practice / the 4 Objectives
  • Overview of Applications of Symptomatic HT
  • Suggestions and Imagery
  • Semantics of Suggestion
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestion
  • Scripts and Metaphors
  • Leading and Confabulation
  • Overview Parts Therapy
  • The Mind Body Connection
  • The Placebo Effect
  • Fear, Anxiety & Stress
  • Psychosomatic Conditions
  • Phobias, Compulsive Behaviour
  • Resource State
  • Future Integration
  • Pain Management
  • Waking Hypnosis and Glove Anesthesia

This course is imperative for anybody interested in studying Hypnotherapy through The Mastermind Hypnotherapy Training Centre cc.

Additional Recommended Reading:

Art of Hypnotherapy - Roy Hunter

Mind Body Connection - Mutke

Next Available Course Dates: (see course calender for available dates)

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