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Upcoming training

  • Johannesburg: Self Mastery through Auto Hypnosis (SM)- 18 November 2018
  • Cape Town: Smoking Cessation Technique incl. Compulsive Behaviours (CB)- 24 - 25 November 2018
  • Johannesburg: Parts Therapy - Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution (PT)- 24 - 25 November 2018
  • Cape Town: Self Mastery through Auto Hypnosis (SM)- 1 December 2018
  • Johannesburg: Resource Strategy Approach Speciality Course (RSA)- 1 - 2 December 2018

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Course testimonials
  • Faizel Bagus: "My life has already found direction. It will bring peace and healing".
  • Dr Enver Mia(Dentist): "I'm motivated to learn more about Hypnosis and use it in my practice".
  • Dr Annette Kenwright: "The workshop was fantastic. Pulled it all together!".

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SAIH Training Courses

Advanced skill enhancement(SE2)

Classroom Courses

Cost: R450 non-members R350 members

Duration: Evening courses Times: 19:00 to 22:00

Course Objectives

The SKILLS ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM offered by SAIH provides the opportunity to mentor and strengthen the necessary skills to improve overall hypnosis practices. As information is learned, it goes through our conscious filters. Since our courses are packed with information and the conscious mind can usually only hold a limited amount of information you might find it very useful to discover how many more chunks of information have been retained by your subconscious and those bits that slipped past you by during the courses and while studying the course material can now be fully comprehended and thus be stored at the subconscious level ready to be recalled with ease during your facilitations.


In order to calibrate effectively for your benefit these one-day workshops focus around training that combines the best practices from either qualification stream in order to focus exclusively on sections and in depth questions which arise during these distinct professional levels:

  • Essential Skill Enhancement from CC1 up to and including PT (Parts Therapy Qualification) basic


  • Advanced Skill Enhancement covering the Analytical and Regression techniques taught during CC4 and CC5 to CHT (Certified Hypnotherapist nm Qualification)

It is aimed at those who are either qualified or about to be qualified as a CPTF or CHT or anyone practicing Hypnotherapy who would like to refine their skills, discuss case studies, learn from each other, and the facilitator.

"aimed at those who are either
qualified or about to be qualified
as a CPTF or CHT or anyone
practicing Hypnotherapy who
would like to refine their skills"

This program, with the assistance of senior experienced facilitators is intended to help expand your professional competencies. Participants will identify their chosen area within a qualification stream which will be covered in order of priority.

To maximise this benefit the number of participants is limited to 12 per program (with a minimum of 10 participants booked on a first paid basis).

Note that you will have the opportunity to attend this course with either Arno or Claudia which will give you the opportunity to be exposed to and gain from the different styles of the taught techniques.

A great opportunity to enhance knowledge in order to give your hypnosis practice facilitation an edge.

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