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Course testimonials
  • Faizel Bagus: "My life has already found direction. It will bring peace and healing".
  • Dr Enver Mia(Dentist): "I'm motivated to learn more about Hypnosis and use it in my practice".
  • Dr Annette Kenwright: "The workshop was fantastic. Pulled it all together!".

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SAIH Training Courses

SPECIALITY COURSE: CHP - Conversational Hypnosis Practices

Classroom Courses

Facilitator: Arno Stadler CHT, CPTF (non medical)

Cost: Please see Cape Town course calender orJohannesburg course calendar as prices may change

Duration: 2 days, Saturday and Sunday Times: Sat: 09:00 to 18:00, Sun: 09:00 to 18:00


Course Objectives:

Who should do this course: This course is a must for any therapist needing to gather information from a client enabling you to extract this information through these conversational techniques.

Take your hypnotic communication to the next level by inducing the hypnotic state conversationally. These powerful techniques will enable you to bypass resistance and gather the relevant information in the pre-talk. Set the session up for success and start the spiral of belief to open the portal to the client's understanding and inner resources by including semantics and conversational hypnosis techniques which will enhance any further facilitation.


Manual Content Overview

The initial text of this manual deals with understanding the differences between waking hypnosis and conversational hypnosis. Obviously with such potentially influential information presented in this course the all-important criteria of being client centred and the ethical conduct of the Conversational Hypnotherapist is discussed in length.

Taking the information gathered in previous courses the pre talk is refined bringing in the finer nuances of pacing, rapport building and the invaluable aspects of plausibility, motivation and emotional content. Learning how to recognise and utilize these fundamental principles including levels of abstraction initiates the processes of successful conversational hypnosis.

Teaching the hypnotic awareness so a practitioner may recognise the trance levels of each client is the stepping stone into implementing the rich resources of conversational hypnosis. These resources include the power of tonality using sensory rich and abstract language. Of course with all this information available the ability to bypass the critical faculty of the client's conscious mind is enhanced and with suggestibility tests used depth of trance may be clarified and confirmed.

As the subconscious mind is richly imbued with images and associations the use of metaphors is a phenomenal door way into the heart of this inner mind. The art and science of how to create and when to use client centred metaphors is one of the corner stone's included in this technique.

Wrapping it up includes practicing how to induce trance through conversation using stories for rapport building and embedded metaphors in subtle and effective ways.

This manual includes two real case study examples and a comprehensive template to assist the conversational student in submitting their case study and integrating their learnings from the course.

Integrate these Principles and Techniques through the use of Multiple Embedded Metaphor and lots of Practical.



Looking forward to receive yourbooking.

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