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  • Spiritual Hypnosis (SHP)- 24 - 25 October 2020
  • Parts Therapy - Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution (PT)- 28 - 29 November 2020
  • Self Mastery through Auto Hypnosis (SM)- 5 December 2020
  • Self Mastery through Auto Hypnosis (SM)- 30 January 2021

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  • Hypnomed - 7 - 8 November 2020
  • Self Mastery through Auto Hypnosis (SM)- 7 November 2020
  • Group Hypnosis, Scripting, Suggestion Sets & Conversational Hypnosis Techniques (CC3)- 14 - 15 November 2020
  • Basic Hypnosis (CC1)- 21 - 22 November 2020

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Course testimonials
  • Faizel Bagus: "My life has already found direction. It will bring peace and healing".
  • Dr Enver Mia(Dentist): "I'm motivated to learn more about Hypnosis and use it in my practice".
  • Dr Annette Kenwright: "The workshop was fantastic. Pulled it all together!".

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Course testimonials



Featured testimonial:

May I add that since my first contact with SAIH I have been only impressed with the professionalism of how things are done. The response to one's mails, the way one is constantly kept up to speed with the arrangements made, the SMS, reminding one of the booking and the SMS providing the trainers' details...are, if it has to be summed up in one word...excellent.

In a country where most no longer pay any attention to professionalism and are no longer service orientated, this experience was a pleasant surprise.

Furthermore I have to say that I was just as impressed with the way Arno presented the training session. He really knows how capture the interests of the attendees. Both thumbs up for him.

Jurgen Grosse-Heitmeyer
Head: Human Resources and Compliance

Luan Holtzhauzen:
"I enjoyed my studies with SAIH and MasterMind very much. It will be difficult to find an institution with better administration, friendlier and more knowledgeable instructors and courses that are more empowering. I can sum it up in four words: A world changing experience."


Hendrik Roux :
"I would also like to tell you that my personal experience during CC1 did change my life. The severe problems with arthritis had a effect on my life for a long period. As from CC1 I don't experience the chronic pain connected with the arthritis or my kidney problems any more."


Beth Moalem:
"Thank you all for making this journey so exciting and with such a professional and extensive course. The most remarkable aspect of your Institute, is that all students are made to feel so welcomed and accepted, that there is no sense of competitiveness, which creates an amazing learning environment. A rarity indeed. Without all your encouragement and unstinting advice, I would not feel as confident and equipped to practice this amazing therapy, and with the knowledge that should I need advice, SAIH is just a phone call away. This course has enabled me to really make a difference in someone's life and I will use this knowledge with integrity and with absolute respect for this powerful modality."


Lenèlda Loedolff:
"I would just like to thank you all for your great support and great teaching and learning Experience. SAIH is a unique experience of self discovery, discovery of each other and life and the universe. It has been one of the greatest experiences I have ever encountered and one of the greatest tools I have gathered in my toolbox for understanding life, living life and being life. I would like to express my inner most gratitude to you all by feeding it back to you as you teach us in our client centered studies. SAIH centered-ness would be something like this; you guys are amazing and because you are amazing and teach the acceptance of all in their believes causes you to teach wholeness every day in every way which you are dedicated to, and because you are dedicated in wholeness you teach consistency, and by being consistently whole would mean that your approach consists in the teaching and application of Trust, Honesty, Tolerance, Gentleness, Joy, Defenselessness, Generosity, Patience, faithfulness and open mindedness. When these characteristics come forth your only outcome can be Peace and Love."


Samantha Mortimer:
"It was an absolute pleasure studying through Mastermind / South African Institute of Hypnotism. The course material was clear and easy to follow and your facilitators were all great. Everything was explained so well and when any questions came up you were extremely helpful. Thank you to Arno, Bianca and Claudia for your guidance. The administration side of things was also very well organized and everything ran so smoothly that it was a pleasure doing bookings & payments, etc. Thank you Bev for all your assistance. I look forward to all the follow up courses as well as refreshers as they are in my opinion important in upholding the standard of this modality. Thank you again for this wonderful journey."


Antje Swart:
"This is just a quick thank you for all the teachings and lessons. It is working! You and the others are amazing instructors and the SAIH framework gives enough stability to fall back to when things don't go according to the book."


"The handouts/added info and teaching style is what I've come to expect from SAIH's high standards and it never disappoints."

Testimonials: Self-Mastery through Auto Hypnosis (entry level course) (SM) - click here for course info


Pieter Diedericks:
"This has been awesome in all aspects, forms, and sectors. Presentation was awesome and I feel enlightened. Thank you so much!!"

Kate Keeley:
"It has cemented the idea of making personal change and given me more tools to do so."

Adrian Partridge:
"My journey thus far has been an awakening. I feel as if I have never really known who I am, though have suspected something. The last few months have given me more insight into myself than I dared imagine possible. For the first time I have found something that resonates with me. This is something that I can do, just for me."

Pranisha Lowton:
"Course content and practical training was very good. Very good interaction between lecturer and attendees. Questions were encouraged and answered very well. It was an eye opener and has definately raised an awareness. Helps me to help my children and people close to me."

Glynis Overmeyer:
"Wonderful mix of theory and practical. Well presented and facilitated. Highly beneficial for self-growth and awareness. With practise, I have no doubt that I wil achieve my full potential and purpose."

Janine Troskie:
"What an amazing experience. I look forward to discovering how deep this rabbit hole goes. It was phenomenal. It is without a doubt that some form of change has and will continue to result. I am positive that change will be a lifelong positive change."

Philadi Kekana:
"Awesome! It has changed my mind set with regards to the power of the mind. I leave here today totally a different person."

"Fantastic, WOW more than I expected. I think the course is fantastic. Really exposed me to a different way of thinking. It will have a major influence on my future, not only for myself but everyone around me."

Nico van Eeden:
"Course was brilliant, well presented. The WOW factor! Brilliant life journey - the start of a new era."

Martin Gouws:
"This was a life changing experience. I loved every minute of it."

Els de Bundel:
"Anyone can benefit from the insights this workshop brings. Well presented - solid, structured course.  Will open new career possibilities"

Kim Adonis:
"Just wanted to let you know that I did the SM course today and I absolutely LOVED it!!! It was so powerful and it's just what I needed! I honestly can't thank you enough for suggesting that I do it. Thank you!!!"

Stephan van Rooyen:
"Excellent experience, expanding my mindset and improving on my relaxation and problem solving. Best thing I could have done this year."

Rina van Vuuren:
"I think it is necessary for all to first of all understand yourself and the impact you have on the people and environment around you."

Kirsten Zweers:
The Self-Mastery course is incredibly life-changing. It will bring peace and healing. It will change many aspects in my life. "

Johan Vosloo:
"Hi Claudia, Once again thank you very much for the intuitive training on Saturday, I cannot believe we spent 8 hours with you, it all went so quickly. You have me totally hooked and I definitely would like to do all the courses available, when I got home I just could not stop talking about the unbelievable experience. All possible doubts have been erased, I just want to know and learn more. With the knowledge gained and listening to your CD I had an excellent night rest, something I have not experienced in years. You are a wonderful instructor / teacher, thank you for sharing that with us." 

Faizel Bagus:
"My life has already found direction. It will bring peace and healing." 

Karen Bloem:
"I like the fact that it shows/teaches taking responsibility/empowering yourself, and also that it shows the answers are not complicated, but rather simply waiting inside to be accessed." 

Liezl Eksteen:
"It has started my journey into hypnotherapy and it can only teach me to grow more within myself and in doing so, influence and help others".

"Content detailed and well thought-through. It was great seeing and hearing others, becoming aware and growing in knowledge and self-awareness. A great personal experience and tool. Tx for a great experience and opportunity!".

Lebogang Seboka:
"Everything was excellent, much more than what I expected. A really moving experience. Thank you!". 

Winnie Zwane :
"Best course I've been to, have no idea why I waited so long. It integrated everything I've learnt about the mind from coaching (neuro leadership institute) and personal beliefs". 

"Above expectations. Well organised. The knowledge gained will be a life changing, but even more importantly was actually experiencing with pratcial applications. Excellent teaching. Wow! Thank-you". 

"This course will be beneficial to anyone, regardless of intent or spiritual inclination". 

Rachelle Hattersley:
"I'd definately recommend this workshop! I believe it would benefit everyone".

Otishia Nair:
"This has been an amazing experience. It took me through levels I never knew I could reach. All content and material very professionally presented".

Dr Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman:
"This is a quite exhaustive self-hypnosis learning opportunity course, which I do recommend for my colleagues".

Jade Scott:
"Course went very well for me - opened me up to wonderful new and exciting experiences. I can already feel a change within myself."

Michelle Schlemmer:
"It's amazing how you can enable yourself to become the change you want to see."

Linda Strydom:
"Definitely a value add for anyone even if they choose not to continue."

Johan Strydom:
"A complete eye opener for the conscious incompetent."

Testimonials: Basic Hypnosis (CC1) - click here for course info

Dr Basedi Motlhake:
"Course content = expectations exceeded. I came in to have the course boost my interactions with individual patients but it left me craving for more."

Johan Diedericks:
"Thank you SOOO much!! You guys with courses like this are changing lives. Well done in every way and aspect!."

Dhavan Reddy:
"I just want to say that this weekend has changed my life. I cannot begin to explain to you how much."

Marc dos Santos:
"Content was thorough and perfect for building confidence in inducing trance. Keep up the great work and continue facilitating positive change. It has given me a lot more confidence to work with clients. I have done Life Coaching before but this was far more beneficial for me".

Martin Gouws:
"This was a life changing experience. It is amazing how little we know about who we are. Arno is a brilliant facilitator. Thank you."

Erich Peters:
"Wow, what a Stupendously, Fantastic Week end ! Self Mastery was very good, but this course that I attended over the week end is uhm, undescribably fantastic, WOW ! to the power of whatever".

Candice Way:
"WOW!!!! Blown away.... or rather MIND BLOWING!!"

Hannalie van Rooyen:
"I attended the CC1 course this past weekend. The weekend was not only about training, it was also about changing. I feel like a different better person. I had a life changing awakening experience this morning. My puzzle started to fall quite quickly perfectly into place and I realised why I was doing the things I did. My days are brighter and I feel like I was asleep for a very very very long time and now I am wide awake! ".

"Course Content - Thorough and Understandable. Training - Brilliant! Excellent! Fantastic how each 'step' was presented & explained, always checking we had understanding".

Yasmin Moosa:
"The course was absolutely amazing and went beyond my expectations. I believe I now have the necessary skills to conduct an induction and termination at a trance session (and more). Absolutely wonderful! Thank you".

"Everything was fantastic. The facilitators really know their stuff. Course material is very informative and the facilitator puts everything together so well".

Rolina Vorster:
"It was great! It was even better than I expected or hoped for. The practice sessions was also great and the feedback everyone got was really helpful and knowledgeable. The course content was very interesting and packed full of exciting contactl".

Frankie Jones:
"It is worth every single penny, if only for the ability to relax. Instruction is informative and well delivered. Enjoyed it immensely". 

Dr Enver Mia - Dentist:
"I'm motivated to learn more about Hypnosis and use it in my practice". 

Anita Ludski:
What statement do you wish to make with regards to this workshop: "Life changing!".

"A great deal of information which I found fascinating and exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed the work shop and am looking forward to practicing my new skills in preparation for cc2. I thought the course content was good and the training excellent with lots of practice and demonstration."

"It was a brilliant experience, extremely informative. I will be using Hypnotherapy in my personal life and look forward to practising on clients and using hypnotherapy once I have qualified as a Psychologist."

Anabela Jordan-Rozwadowska:
"This workshop was wonderfully informative one. Course content was quite extensive, handout material was comprehensive, classroom training & practice sessions were informative, interesting and even fun at times. The practical workshop was absolutely essential to engender confidence."

Dr Spiros Kavalieratos:
"How do you feel the workshop will influence your future? Very positively, for myself and my patients."

Liz Kirsten:
"Thoroughly absorbing and enjoyable. I learnt so much and am genuinely excited about practising what was taught. Material and course content was excellent. There were long period for practice and monitoring to ensure participants 'got it'."

Alexandra Pinington:
"It's amazing, an eye-opener, a wonderful way to spend my weekend. This workshop will influence my future in so many way, so positively, in my approach to things and the way I deal with others."

Stephanie Visser:
"All the aspects covered in the course was brilliant! It encourages a person to complete their journey. The workshop will influence my life in that it has made me more positive that hypnotherapy does work. It has changed my life to now and will certainly continue."

Bobby Sarlie :

"The course has been a life changing experience for me. What I particularly found exceptional is Arno's skills as a hypnotherapist. He certainly has a command of the modality which made it easy for me to learn. Thank you."

Anonymous :

"CC1 has been an amazing journey. Along with Self Mastery my personal growth has been incredible. I can only imagine the benefits that can be gained as the journey progresses."

Pieter van Eck :

"Very enjoyable, well presented, fun but very informative. Emphasis on practical work very good. Hypnotherapy is great! Definitely worth making a career of!"

Testimonials: Advanced Hypnosis (CC2) - click here for course info

Samantha Mortimer:
"As always fantastic! Good examples are given that make things so much clearer. Course material is brilliant. Practice sessions are nerve wrecking, but fun".

Zaheera Shaik:
"Brought everything together beautifully."

Anita Ludski:
What statement do you wish to make with regards to this workshop: "Life changing!". 

Dr Kaven Pather:
"Very interesting as to the wide-ranging possibilities and applications of hypnotherapy". 

George Mentis:
"Very well conducted. Spent good time in theory and looked at other subtle methods of indirection and suggestion".

Clare Rudd:
“How do you feel the workshop will influence your future? (CC2, 2 and 3 October 2010)”
“HUGELY – I wish I had gained these skills years ago as it would have helped me enormously in the +/- 20 years I practiced clinically as a psychologist.”  

Samantha Mortimer:
“As always fantastic! Good examples are given that make things so much clearer. Course material is brilliant. Practice sessions are nerve wrecking, but fun”. 

Zaheera Shaik:
“Brought everything together beautifully". 

Testimonials: SHP - Spiritual Hypnosis Practices - click here for course info

Sharon Brown:
"A much need course I have long been waiting for already paradigm shifting has taken place on this course. Looking forward to facilitating equally phenomenal changes on a spiritual level with my clients". 

Vanessa Baragwanath:
"This course has given me far greater depth into what can be used in my practice. I feel that my empathy has opened up to much deeper levels I have experienced before. What a beautiful feeling. Thank you.". 

Testimonials: Group Hypnosis, Scripting, Suggestion Sets & Conversational Hypnosis Techniques (CC3/GH) - click here for course info

Nadeem Samad
"Great content - relevant, concise and easy to grasp when expertly presented! It was especially rewarding to do this course with a great bunch of fellow learners. Arno and Brigitte sets the bar high, but really take you there.  Well done.  Very enjoyable and beneficial".

Estelle Keen:
"The practical session was great. It taught me allot and made me feel very comfortable about my ability to do a session myself". 

Dr Annette Kenwright:
"The workshop was fantastic. Pulled it all together!". 

Aiden Lottering:
How do you feel the workshop will influence your future life? "Positively Profound".

Anita Ludski:
"The content of the "Group Hypnosis" Course well researched, developed and beneficial even in my private healing practice. I found that every dynamic of the group aspect is just as important in my one on one personal consultations. I found the Hypnotic Language section to be of particular interest and of tremendous value. The use of Metaphors, Deepeners, Pacing, Semantics and Patterns of Indirect Suggestion have been emphasized at each of the training courses I have attended but this one made just so much more sense. I have always known semantics and patterns of indirect suggestion to be fundamental to the development of a successful script but the material and the way in which this was presented made a significant impact on me and has enhanced my ability to write more elegant and more subtle scripts, with obvious benefits to my clients. This course has given me an opportunity to further develop and improve my skills to enable me to deliver a more professional and efficient service as a Hypnotherapist. I love what I do and I find it extremely rewarding and satisfying to be able to help people heal and change their lives. I do this by choice and there is nothing else I would rather do . I love it! I started my private healing practice full time about 18 months ago, it is very successful. Although I love what I do, this is my business and in order to make it viable, I need to continually market myself and my business. I see Group Hypnosis as an excellent marketing tool to increase my income, not only by holding Group Sessions but by natural progression to increase my private/personal client base by more word of mouth advertising. As you know, word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertising, isn't it? I certainly recommend this course to everyone who is serious about Hypnosis as a profession."

Mari-Lene Fourie:
"Brilliant, as I think it can't get better, it does. Loved it! Thank you."

Pierre Immelman:
"This, together with CB was the best course for me to date. It was truly memorable."

Sally Wilke:
"This course was outstanding. I feel so much more confident to actually deliver a script to a group."

Testimonials: Compulsive behaviour (incl. smoking cessation)in hypnotherapy practice and the contributing factors of stress, anxiety and depression (CB) - click here for course info

Annette Evans:
"I feel that the Mastermind Compulsive Behaviour Resolution technique is so beautiful and it excites me how powerful it is in its simplicity. I love the options of the two opposing doors and find it such a wonderful client centred approach in that the client’s subconscious visualises both outcomes and then makes the choices herself. This is by far my favourite technique and also by doing a thorough pre-talk in the first session, I was able to prepare a very effective pre-prepared script to fully benefit the client. The journaling helped me find a great introduction to the pre-talk and go a long way towards forming a wonderful rapport with my client. I love the almost tangible spiral of belief it created. I was very excited to learn this technique the first time around, and now that I feel it is so immensely beneficial for smokers I definitely plan to use in in my practice over and over again wherever relevant and required."

Alison Zweers:
"I really enjoyed this module and have found this to be the most useful in my practice, and the most rewarding. Just to brag, I have included an email from a lady who had done smoking cessation with me. She had previously stopped smoking for 8 years after watching her best friend die of lung cancer, but had started again. During her first symptomatic session, she lay, propped up with pillows, and coughed right throughout the session. Her lungs were so clogged. We then changed the strategy in the second session and had her sitting upright and it went smoother, no coughing. She couldn't climb 2 stairs without wheezing. Anyway, this session really made me realize how useful we are to society at large. Even though I passed my Honors Degree in Psychological Counseling last year, it is truly my studies through SAIH that I've been able to truly make a lasting difference".

Anton Kloppers:
"This course enhanced my hypnotherapy skills tremendously! I feel equipped to help clients with CB issues for the very first time!".

Bevin Reynolds:
"The course was great – it seems like an incredibly effective and simple technique that could be really beneficial to those who wish to stop a CB".

Verona Smith:
"I have had many people ask me if I can help them to stop smoking. I think this will generate a lot of business whilst helping people". 

Erika Woodman :
"Lots of practical experience and well explained. Interesting course content with a super practical application for future sessions".

Julia Pedro:
"This course brought me a lot more than I was expecting".

Hannes Venter :
"Really enjoyed it. I can absolutely see how I am going to use it. Feel very positive about it".

Dalene Meij :
"Really enjoyed course. Had very good experience and session. Feel I will benefit in future. Very well presented." ".

Grace Areias :
"Positively  - not only for smoking but other compulsive behaviours".

Juan Meyer :
"Wow, this is all I need to start. Thanks guys".

Grace Areias :
"Positively  - not only for smoking but other compulsive behaviours".

Chrisma Lotter :
"What a learning curve. Unbelievable how easy it really is. This marks the start of my practise".

Margot Brews :
"Very practical method that will no doubt prove to be successful. Will definitely use the method in my practice".

Michelle Oliver :
"Very interesting, can’t wait to do my case study.  Informative, a must attend. This will help me, a whole lot of people to stop smoking. This will help me get a lot of business".

Anonymous :
"Thank you for a very complete and detailed training session. It taught me many new techniques".

Anonymous :
"Very simply laid out so I could implement exact principles tomorrow. Be able to practice session of smoking competently and in confidence".

Malie du Plessis :
"I will be able to help people to stop smoking. I've gained a lot of knowledge".

Dimi Sijtsema:
"It actually gives me more confidence to being my practice. It was nice to have something that's more specific and practical".

Bryan Roberts:
"Specific and sequential. Well established".

Bianca de Villiers:
"What an eye opening experience. Brilliant course and a wonderful experience. From all the courses this experience has just been brilliant and the most powerful."


Dr Mohammed Rahman:
"It will encourage me to continue the remaining hypnotherapy courses to become a certified and qualified hypnotherapist, to combine it with my practice as a Clinical Psychologist."

Testimonials: Parts Therapy – Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution (PT)- click here for course info



Marion Edwards:

"It was a pleasure to be trained by our passionate sincere awesome wise Claudia. I am now using in "Parts "in my daily life for myself and in conversations with others. Quite a useful tool to have. The Course was very interesting with informative sessions and I walked out of there inspired! The handout material is as usual the best ever. The standard of SAIH is awesome!!! Thanks for all the hard long dedicated hours to give such an amazing module/s".

Michelle Bellion:

"Of all the courses I have attended Parts Therapy is the most exciting and awe-inspiring. The methodology when grasped and fully understood is perhaps the kindest way to achieve results. Claudia is just wonderful and a true master in her field. Thank-you for this opportunity".

Patricia Oosthuizen:

"Claudia was amazing as always, such a pleasure to watch a pro in action. Parts is fascinating and very simple. I can really see how this could benefit my clients and myself personally. This has been a wonderful journey and I am so grateful to all of you in the SAIH team for your assistance, support and teachings".

Bianca de Villiers:

"This feels like the crown Jewel. What an amazing privilege to have experienced this. I feel like there is a whole world of opportunities out there".

Yvonne Dreyer:

"As usual, everything was top notch, very professional and very well presented".

Sonja Boshoff :
"Valuable and profound insights into a exciting new modality".

Ryan Edmonds :
"I have yet to discover a tool that excites me as much as this one does! As always, the content, material, training and venue exceeded all expectations, as I have come to respect SAIH's standards. Personally, this modality (as someone who works professionally in the field of mental health) excites and thrills me, and I can only look forward to a wonderful adventure from here on".

Anonymous :
"The course was fantastic. So much learning and inner understanding and awareness has been initiated".

Anonymous :
"Seemingly easy but powerful technique".

Stewart Schwartz :
"Amazing insights for self-development and a brilliant tool to assist clients in their healing process. Every therapist should do this course".

Hannes Venter:
"Not only will it change my future by employing these techniques on myself, but I can just see how many clients can benefit from this process ".

Gretha van Zyl, CHT, :
"A very interesting and exciting course. It is a course that all practicing hypnotherapists should definitely do. It will definitely make some of those heavy sessions easier. Gives me confidence to practice." 

Jennifer Rayment, CHT :
"An excellent course. There was an enormous amount of learning, a great addition to regression therapy".

Wendal Koopman, CHT:
"Symptomatic hypnotherapy on steroids!! A powerful tool for the therapist's tool box. No self-respecting hypnotherapist should be without it".

Vanessa Baragwanath :
"Very interesting course showing that it is not always necessary to use Analytical hypnotherapy. The material is comprehensive and the practice sessions brought about a greater understanding of the process".

Miles Harrop, CHT :
"A nice option which I feel may be an alternative first option before full blown regression – also less "threatening" than regression".

Bianca Roffler, CHT :
"It has changed my outlook. I believe this will make me a "softer" therapist".

Julia Pedro :
"I am very happy that I decided to attend this workshop. Had read about PT before, but it wasn't until I actually tried it with a client that I realized the power and effectiveness. The instructor's knowledge was thorough and priceless".

Anita de Koker :
"Excellent! This will definitely be part of my future session. Easy to understand and associate with. Outstanding training, could associate with her perceptions and learning. Excellent tutor on her field".

Anonymous :
"Content – excellent and very valuable. Classroom training – exceptional as always. Practice sessions: Just what we needed. Claudia is always extremely 'present' during the training. I enjoy her sharing her own experiences and her wealth of wisdom".

Norman Carlyle :
"As always, I can see how this course will prepare me as a therapist. The instructors total dedication to getting the knowledge across".

Anonymous :
"I learned a lot and enjoyed the presentation. The course covered all aspects of P.T. and role playing gave me a good perspective of how to apply what I learned. I enjoyed the 'laid back' atmosphere. Her teaching style is relaxed and her humour made learning very pleasant. Her outstanding knowledge gave me more confidence to practice P.T. ".

Aira Klopper :
"Parts Therapy is very special and is a technique that has given me huge confidence – love it. Claudia was wonderful as usual and once again made this an exceptional course".

Carl Nel :
"This was very good. Parts Therapy is a must for any Hypnotherapist. Thanks for the great course".

Arno Stadler :
"Claudia's understanding of these principles shows. Thank you for another tool in my hypnotherapy toolbox. It was a very good course. Even being a regression hypnotherapist I found these learnings valuable. Thanks! ".

Anonymous :
"Fantastic course! Great tool that is easy to understand. Time for practice is absolutely critical".

Anonymous :
"Down to earth and clearly answers all concerns and questions".

Anonymous :
"I admire her knowledge and experience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge ".

Michael Smith :
"This course has been one of the best to date. It just makes it so easy to facilitate change in a client".

Testimonials: Analytical Hypnosis(CC4)- click here for course info

Tanya Edwards:
"I have felt nothing but love and acceptance - both giving and receiving from/for each and everyone". "It has been an awesome experience, and one which has taught me a lot".

Michelle Oliver :
"! Can't wait to use Analytical Hypnotherapy on some-one. This course was fantastic!".

Hendrik Baird :
"Finally! After all the talk of everything coming together in CC4 – it all came together at last! I finally feel that I can progress in leaps and bounds with this new information. The practical demo's have been a real eye opened and have given me a headstart. Both Bianca and Arno have been very thorough and have answered the many questions in a thorough and insightful manner. It adds very nicely to Parts Therapy and I am so glad to have embarked on this process. Thanks!".

June Stone :
"Arno, I love your style of connecting and interacting with us the delegates. You have enabled me to feel safe and your quiet measured pace I find very empowering. Your example stories are very helpful to illustrate the learning. I think your regression style is great and I learned a lot during Diana's session and am looking forward to a professional regression session soont".

Melanie Wehner :
"This process is so amazing! This is truly the amazing course".

Neil Fitzgerald :
"It was one of the most enlightening (mentally & spiritually) moments in my life".

Norman Carlyle :
"Having Roy Hunter's, Art of Hynotherapy, I see that SAIH's is a lot more extensive. The classroom training and especially the 2 sessions done were fantastic. Both Arno & Bianca were able to answer all questions".

Henk van der Walt :
"It is absolutely high leaning. The way it was presented, the way it was explained as well as the practicum was beyond words. THANK YOU".

Nazir Noor Mahomed :
"CC4 – Wow very intense. Was confusing at first but became clearer as we went along. Both the facilitators were excellent and provided the time to ensure that the understanding was obtained. CC4 Brought all the learnings of CC1,2,3 together. I feel confident that I can now use these skills to make a difference in peoples lives – THANK YOU".

Amanda Lane :
"The course lived up to the advertising and build up we have had. Many things crystallized and the power of hypnosis was revealed. Both Arno and Bianca are patient, passionate and inspiring teachers. They have a lovely rapport together. The 2 demonstrations with Diane and June were probably the most powerful aspect of the course. It gave us an insight into the process and visual reality of the power of hypnotherapy. Thanks to a beautiful group".

Aira Klopper :
"I feel so excited after CC4 & Arno and Bianca gave an unbelievable course – but I do need to say that all the courses have been so well done. Thank you so much".

Grace Areias :
"It was very dynamic and informative. I found the interaction of the trainers and delegates was very good. Practice session and venue were excellent. The course was awesome".

Anonymous :
"This was the BEST of all the courses I have done so far. Thank you Bianca and Arno. I enjoy all the humour during the course".

Anonymous :
"As always, the course was thoroughly enjoyable with great training explained so effectively. I appreciated the session that was done on Sunday to show exactly how the process is to be carried out. I was however looking forward to the usual trance state with the group at the beginning of the course".

Craig Cox :
"You definitely have a winning formula for healing and change! It should be a requirement that all your students repeat cc4 and cc5 every 18 months or so. Totally different and much better courses that the earlier ones!"

Candice Stipp :
"Excellent experience. Great investment in life. I feel that this course will influence my life positively and for my business and my family."

Yvonne Dreyer :
"Fantastic Course! My favourite so far. Beautifully and clearly presented. Made all the previous learnings come together. Highly recommended!"

Anton Kloppers :
"I now realise why so many clients battle to forgive if only cognitive therapy is used. Very useful course, thank you."

Elva Lombard :
"This was truly the best left for last."

Kira Quabeck :
"CC4 Is fantastic. Everyone, especially parents should have to do this course before having children! So insightful. The course will positively influence my life especially being in my final year of doing a B.ed (teacher). I now realise that things you say can seriously have a negative effect on that childs entire life."

Stephanie Schilbach :
"Of all the courses this course was the best. Awesome technique."

Testimonials: Analytical Hypnotherapy (CC5)- click here for course info

Sharon Dill:
"Wow – second time around I learned to much more – I really feel I have reached deeper levels of learning. Thank you so much for this opportunity – I would absolutely recommend anyone having problems with case studies to re-do this course. I feel really prepared now to go out and really start my practice with the confidence that I know what I am doing. Note: Arno is brilliant!".

Sally Jacobs:
"A profound learning for me as the "client" and a different kind of learning when facilitating. Such a help to have a supervised session. Thank you."

Testimonials: Hypnosis and Children (HC)- click here for course info


Carryn Bell:
"Skills I will definitely put into practice. I feel more equipped to take on young clients."

"I came to be a more conscious parent but am leaving more confident to help other's children."

Sofia Heliopoulos:
"This workshop will help me facilitate a session in a way that is fun and beneficial for the child."

Chantall Hugo:
"It will definitely help me with my own child! But I always believed that I should be working with children but was never quite sure how. This was the first step, the next step will be the normal hypnosis course."

Bev Jensen:
"I have never wanted to work with children but now I can't wait. I think every parent, teacher and anybody who has anything to do with children should be made to attend this workshop. Bianca, you are awesome!"

Kim Madeley:
"I found it amazing, so client centred and can't wait to start."

Suzette Venter:
"Awesome, so wonderful, so informative. So excited to work with kids."

Mel McNaught:
"This has taken away my nervousness about work in this field. It has given me the entire process. For the time I feel confident about working with children."

Kim Pearman:
"The awesome simplicity of the structure and how to engage with the child client. It has put an order of approach and practice steps to apply and also assisted me in deepening my understanding of how to utilize Hypnotherapy, with my inner child in a way that reaches and benefits children."

Testimonials: Past Past Life Regression and Soul Journey Speciality Course (PLR)- click here for course info

Brigitte Bowles

"Wow, awesome as usual. Had some great insights into exploring more and taking the 'soul' journey to the next level. I enjoyed every moment. Thanks you for the most amazing opportunity".

Des Attwood CHT

Past Life Regression is a fascinating subject which was so brilliantly brought to life (excuse the pun), by Claudia at the groundbreaking Past Life Regression and Soul Journey course on 3/4th September 2011. Even the harshest skeptic would not be able to refute the highly credible examples shown on the course, the origin of which is from well respected and recognized sources. All practicing Hypnotherapists should consider gaining an understanding and sensitivity to PLR as this knowledge is a vital tool in any Hypnotherapy practice. No matter what your personal belief system is, your client's beliefs could differ, and a spontaneous past life may well be accessed during treatment. This reality was so well dealt with during the course. Claudia's thoroughly researched and brilliantly delivered training covered many eventualities and pitfalls, resulting in participants feeling confident and ready to deal with any therapy session detours.

The fact that the course participants represented such a wide spectrum of society, served as a fantastic precursor to the potential diverse landscape of a thriving Hypnotherapy practice. The Soul Journey component of the course is a REAL cherry on the top. What a fantastic, simple, yet effective option to be able to offer to our clients! This course differs from any other PLR courses you may have attended in the past, in that it is TOTALLY Client Centered and the focus is on the practical application thereby preparing student and qualified Hypnotherapists to be comfortable to fully integrate these skills into therapy sessions as and when needed.

Once you have attended this course, you will agree that the content is so powerful, that it should be compulsory for every SAIH trained Hypnotherapist to attend and include in his or her toolbox. Thanks to Claudia and her team for developing a course that will literally change lives!

Estelle Keen:
"Will be using this skill as part of my practice".

Mike Tyrer:
"It has touched me on a personal level, asking more about spirituality".

Roger Luke:
"The weekend was just amazing! The positive past life regression & soul journey for me was so beautiful and so incredibly enlightening, actually life changing!

I regressed to a life as a monk in Tibet passing over during meditation in a temple in the mountains. The soul journey took me to the most magical blissful place where there were thousands of souls in the form of white pulsating energy masses that were joined together in the God consciousness of absolute love and oneness. WOW!

I facilitated my sweetheart on a positive PLR last night for two and half hours which was absolutely incredible and life changing for both of us.

I am amazed at how easy this process is and how powerful the soul screening process is."

Resource Strategy Approach © (RSA) click here for course info 


Johan Diedericks:
"Thank you soooo much! Loved it! New experience and better understanding of this part of therapy. I thank you! I am grateful!"

Janine Troskie:
"Impossible to put words to such phenomenal experiences."

Dhavan Reddy:
"Thank you very much for this beautiful course. It has changed by outlook on life completely and will definitely enhance my contribution to humankind."

Vimi Maharaj:
"I felt very honoured to be part of Claudia's hypnosis session with the client. She is very experienced and highly spiritual. This has been an amazing weekend. Thank you."

Josefa Marrato:
"This course was the highest step of my training as a Hypnotherapist. I learned a lot for my practice as well as for my own life journey."

Samantha Bhikraj:
"This was an amazing learning experience... not just as a student but also to be able to apply it to my life. Thank you."

Shizu Naruse:
"I believe that it was one of the most beneficial workshops I have ever attended."

Terry Rhoda:
"This was incredibly insightful and I enjoyed everything about this module. So educational & useful."

Stewart Schwartz:
"It was much more than I expected. A new and exhilarating dimension to add to my repertoire. The handout etc. was outstanding."

"Handout material very comprehensive and it is a great add on to CC2. It will enhance my ability to assist clients to resolve their challenges."

Sharon Dill:
"Excellent! Really gave me clarity and a lot of resources to work with. Very comprehensive."

"Thank you, this clarified the benefits really well. I will be more confident to explore more in the resource state."

"It helped to make sense of a lot of things that I didn't quite understand."

Dennis Harding:
"What an eye opened. The deeper we go the clearer it gets."

"Excellent! Should have done this earlier already. Thank you for all the thought, time and research that went into this. This workshop will help me to facilitate better Resource States and outcome."

Ryna Holtzhausen:
"I enjoyed it as it clarifies the Resource State more. It also helped me regarding the first session of a client."

Aira Klopper :
"The Resource state will now become a little jewel in my sessions. Claudia, thank you for all your love and enthusiasm."

Sandy Klopper :
"It has put the Resource State into perspective for me. In the other workshops it was always said that it was important but this has made the penny drop. I will use the Resource State as a tool now instead of as a step to achieve the tool."

Yasmin Moosa :
"Helped to bring everything together. I have different options to use with the client once in the Resource State."

"This workshop will most definitely influence my future as I will be much more well equipped to provide my client with a fantastic experience."

"Brought all the learnings for me, from CC1 - CC3, together."

June Stone:
"Love the indepth study of this amazing process - important for continuous study and competence. Lovely practical experience, filled with useful and meaningful examples."

Julia Theunissen :
"Great, and good add on - great refresher. Better than I expected... great ! as always !" 

Conversational Hypnosis Pre-Talk (CHP) click here for course info



Sheldon Davy :
"I was really impressed with this course and it has opened my eyes to the full power of hypnosis. Before this course I wasn't interested in private therapy. Now I am committed to it and committed to helping as many people as I can with hypnosis."

Elva Lombard :
"This course was seriously mind blowing!!!! We need this more than once a year. Thank you for a wonderful time of learning."

Tania van Wyk de Vries :
"The course was like the glue between all the other things we learned and also helped to clarify previously learned aspects or go into more depth. It showed other induction techniques which are really helpful."

Dr Madelein Walker :
"Please consider making this a curriculum course. I am of the opinion that this will make the difference between producing really good Hypnotherapists to absolutely brilliant therapists. If not, the communication to students regarding the value of this course should be improved and perhaps even over stated!!! The shifts that happens during this course is invaluable!!!!"

Nadeem Samad :
"Well presented course, excellent material, knowledgeable and articulate presenter with all the skills and advice to help us be really successful. A highly recommended course for any Hypnotherapist. This course is essential."

Yvonne Dreyer :
"Wow! What a fantastic, informative and extremely relevant course. It equips you with powerful tools to assist you in giving your client's the maximum benefit from their sessions. Should be a mandatory curriculum course in my opinion."

Dr. Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman :
"I see this course is an eye opener for me as this course has enhanced and expanded my scope of practice beyond clinic as well. Course content was exhaustive."

Brigitte Bowles :
"Wow, more pieces of the puzzle just slipped back into place. Now having a framework for utilizing my communication skills in a positive beneficial way will allow me to progress as a Hypnotherapist and allow my clients the best possible opportunity to grow and expand as people allowing them to effortlessly and easily find themselves within themselves.  It's absolutely amazing."

Ryna Holtzhausen :
"This course was great!  Thanks Arno, I have learned a tremendous lot this weekend. This course is an absolute MUST for everybody. I truly think that this should be Compulsory for everybody to do, as this is a fantastic skill to have for the benefit of both the client as well as the therapist."

Jennifer Steyn :
"This course was excellent. It really taught me the importance of 'language in hypnosis', as well as teaching the most successful 'language'. For me as a therapist I believe this course is 'critical' to any hypnosis curriculum. I don't believe that one could be a successful hypnotist and therapist without this content. Your curriculum would be incomplete without it and one would need to seek this content elsewhere. Handouts and material well thought out - obviously put together by someone very experienced! Well done!"

Brian Roodt :
"Excellent! A whole array of useful tools and building blocks adding to the "whole" and bringing it all together in a very meaningful way. Enjoyable and enlightening."

Stewart Schwartz :
"The content was beyond expectation, the handouts were informative with relevant content and space in the handout for notes was very welcome. This course should be a highly recommended speciality course if not Compulsory as it is an invaluable tool presented by Arno who is very well informed on this subject. Brilliant weekend."

Alta Marais :
"Ek het dit geniet. Klomp tools gekry vir my toolbox. Die fassiliteerder weet hoe om die klas in te trek. Baie gesellig en niks boring. Baie dankie."

Anonymous :
"I honestly don't know how any therapist could practise without this course. "

Sharon Dill :
"Yet another brilliant course - another vital piece of the puzzle to being the very best client centered hypnotherapist I can be. Deeper understanding of the hypnotic state - lovely demonstrations of the chunking process."

Anonymous :
"Just too short - would love more. Has awakened my interest in metaphors which I would love to learn more about. Another wonderful took in my therapy box."

Yasmin Moosa :
"Very good course. Puts a different light on the pre-talk. Enable the pre-talk to be much more effective."

Nazir Noor Mahomed :
"Brilliant - a must do course for all hypnotherapists."

Dr Yousuf Seedat :
"Will help develop metaphor tailored specific to the client."

Rolina Vorster :
"I feel that it will really help a lot now with my pre-talks especially improving the outcome of the session as well.  Will help a lot with building rapport which I feel is a topic that would help extensively."

Bouwer Delport :
"This course tied up a couple of loose ends with other courses done previously and how to integrate the different topics covered in the previous courses."

Ida Foxcroft :
"This will profoundly improve the outcome of sessions."

Craig Cox :
"Was just right for me.  Fulfilled expectations 100%.  Make me a better therapist!"

Sandie Soncini :
"This workshop is un-missable.  It will change the way I communicate."

Stella Crowther:
"Awesome learnings by fantastic facilitator. So much info that I need to assimilate, quite intimidating when one realises how important language is. Thank you. This should be part of CC training as it is so good."

Miles Harrop:
A cohesion of NLP principles and Hypnotherapy. The first time I have experienced such an experienced and knowledgeable presentation on advance language and metaphor. I feel that Arno has so much more to offer than just one weekend. Especially for experienced therapists. MASSIVE LEARNING – it was worth every cent."

Marina Redpath:
"Exciting, interesting – I cannot wait to incorporate the learnings into my practice. Arno is simply superb. I love his structured way of presenting. I feel that I have already integrated the learnings."

Marcelle Trethewey:
"Amazing course content and teaching. Even though I have only done Self Mastery,  am now booked for CC1, I found the information fascinating and it will most certainly be a manual I refer to time and again as I progress down the hypnosis route – Would be hard to beat ! Amazing teaching, clarity, patience and interaction."

Kim Pearman:
"Awesome and amazing. Very valuable and practical information which could be very beneficial for every hypnosis practitioner."

Julie Roelofse:
" This was really an interesting course which has opened up so much understanding of hypnosis. The pre-talk that I will be doing now is definitely going to change."

Ebrahim Sarlie:
"Relevant – Informative – Enlightening – Life Changing – This course should become a CC. Will benefit me immensely in terms of establishing rapport and successful sessions with clients."

" Wow ! Now I realise how little I know. This course should be compulsory. We should not be let loose on clients without having this knowledge. I almost don’t want to see any more clients until I have digested this information as I know it will make me into a much better hypnotherapist. Arno, your knowledge is so comprehensive and every aspect explained in detail why it is necessary."

SPECIALTY COURSE: MED1 - Hyno Med 1 click here for course info 


"A Brilliant course put together and presented by a phenomenal hypnotherapist with abundant knowledge, compassion and integrity."

Gerrit Claassens:
"A great tool to further build a bridge between hypnotherapy and the medical professions."

Zaahera Bibi Naik:
"I believe this is a valuable course to add to my repertoire as a hypnotherapist."

Chantal Davis-Swartz:
"A fantastic course, which has given me great confidence to approach dental practices to source further hypno business."


Graduate Testimonials

Fahrin Mamdani CHT:
"Here's something about my studying experience at SAIH and some future plans...

Studying at SAIH was one of the best learning experiences I have had. Hypnosis is a very useful therapeutic tool and I feel that it is not something that cannot be taught theoretically. All the instructors - yourself (all the modules), Vic (auto-hypnosis and CC1), Wendel (CC3 & CC4), Tom (Past Life regression) and William (who came for a little while during CC1) – used the principles of experiential learning extremely effectively. Through the practice sessions in class, I learnt a lot about myself, which in turn now enables me to understand others better.

I recently graduated with a degree in Psychology and in my opinion, modern psychotherapy, due to lack of time (on the therapists’ part) and financial resources (on the clients’ part), has unfortunately become more of a damage-control mechanism and tends towards putting a “plaster over a crack” and curing the symptoms rather than the cause of the symptoms. It is my belief that using hypnotherapy, therapists will be able to effect long-term individual change by addressing the cause of the symptoms. It is my humble hope that I will be able to touch lives in a positive manner with the tools and knowledge I gained at SAIH".


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