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Please see our disclaimer, code of ethics and article on non-medical hypnosis practices

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Yvonne Anouk Putziger


Area of practice: Oaklands | View contact information


Yvonne Anouk is a Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator ( CPTF) also specializing in Nutritional Counseling and Theta Healing.

Yvonne assists with the inner healing of your emotions. Releasing negative programs that no longer serve you and replacing them with amazing positive belief programs, that will then allow for further growth on your journey to rediscovery. Reconnecting with your soul and finding out your souls purpose. Reconnecting with your past life and the afterlife.
As you create your own reality, lets together re claim your truth!

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Brigitte Bowles

CHT (Non-medical), CPTF

Area of practice: Randburg | View contact information


Since certifying as a hypnotherapist, I have had the privilege of assisting many people find themselves within themselves. Every day I am more in awe of the limitless potential locked inside us all. I am absolutely passionate about this modality and believe we have all been given a gift that allows us to tap into all that we are by accessing our own inner intuition to find the solutions that we need to bring benefit to our lives.

Although I facilitate hypnosis sessions for many issues my specialities include hypno - anesthesia and pain management, Past life Regression, Spiritual Regressions.

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Carol Cooper-Steyn

CHT (Non-medical), CPTF

Area of practice: Sandton | View contact information


Carol Cooper-Steyn is a social worker and certified hypnotherapist who has worked in the fields of child protection, child sexual abuse and pediatric palliative care. She is a cranio-sacral therapist and practices emotional freedom technique (EFT) and matrix reimprinting. Using hypnotherapy, Carol specialises in helping people to release debilitating patterns, discover their inner resources and unlock their potential. Much of her work focuses on assisting others to explore their inner self and experience soul illumination, using various techniques including past-life regression and soul journeying.

Elaine Crossling


Area of practice: Sandton | View contact information

Jacqueline Kelly

CHT (Non-medical), BA, HDPM

Area of practice: Fourways | View contact information

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Hilda Luiz

CHT (Non-medical, CPTF, BA Hons (Psychology), BCom (Accounting)

Area of practice: Sandton | View contact information


Approved quit smokingI am a Certified Hypnotherapist (non-medical) and I can assist you to transform, reshape and revolutionize your life.

Hypnosis positively changes lives. This powerful therapy will help you uncover and release emotions that may be causing stress, anxiety, unwanted habits, behaviours, and chronic physical pain.

Under hypnosis your subconscious mind will reveal what needs to be healed, guiding you to make the desired changes.

The results are lasting and achievable in a short space of time, allowing you to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life.

Maxienne Neuwenhuys


Area of practice: Chartwell | View contact information

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Romi Vidmar

CHT (Non-medical)

Area of practice: Northcliff | View contact information


Romi is a professional Hypnotherapist, a graduate of South African Academy of Hypnosis and holds a Diploma in Hypnotherapy from Americas oldest government accredited training institute. In practice since 2002, Romi has successfully helped people, from age 7 to 86, to deal with issues such as, stop smoking, lose weight, gain self-confidence, relieve depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, hair puling, nail biting, enhanced sexual performance for men and women, relationship issues, childhood traumas, and more.

Hypnotherapy is based on scientific methods and the only side-effect is deep relaxation. Use it with confidence. Call Romi now on 083-297-7916.

Visit Romi's website

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