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Dr Derek Kushner

CHT (Non-medical), BDS (Rand), IMDHA

Area of practice: Knysna | View contact information

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Cathy Mc Donald

CHT (Non-medical), CPTF

Area of practice: Garden Route | View contact information


Approved quit smokingCathy is a Certified Hypnotherapist (non-medical), a Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator, Reiki Master healer and author of the book 'Choosing to Heal - A journey through time into eternity and back'. With a background in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Astro-Physics, her passion is energy dynamics and she focuses on the use of hypnosis as a powerful tool to assist clients in relieving their pain and discomfort, whether physical or emotional, as well as in resolving their inner conflicts and reducing their stress levels, ultimately benefiting their health and well-being. It is all about the journey to wellness on a soul, spiritual and physical level.

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Melanie McNaught

CHT (Non-medical), CPTF

Area of practice: Knysna | View contact information


Approved quit smoking

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Upcoming events

  • Therapy for Therapists
  • Free Hypno Evening
  • Intro into Practice Building Workshop
  • Roy Hunter Speciality Course including Spiritual Journey, Hypnotherapy for Success, Pain Management

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Latest radio talks

  • Hypnosis and Relationships
  • Miracles made possible
  • Hypnosis and hypnotherapy
  • Equalising stress
  • Striving for happiness
  • Hypnosis and religion

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Hypnosis articles

  • Discover Magazine: Hypnosis Works, The power of trance can no longer be disputed, a psychiatrist at Stanford University says. Now we just have to use it(pdf)
  • Science Daily: Hypnosis/Local Anesthesia Combination During Surgery Helps Patients, Reduces Hospital Stays, Study Finds(pdf)
  • You Magazine: Hypnotised to believe she'd had weight-loss surgery, Emma lost 25 kg(pdf)

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