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Please see our disclaimer, code of ethics and article on non-medical hypnosis practices

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Desiree Attwood

CHT (Non-medical)

Area of practice: Constantia | View contact information


Approved quit smokingAfter experiencing the devastation of divorce, I was diagnosed with depression but discovered that I was drug sensitive and unable to tolerate medication. Desperate and depressed, I tried hypnosis and was so impressed with my own results that I decided to study this wonderful modality so that I too could "pay the healing forward"!

I work with clients who are depressed, or who struggle with stopping smoking or weight management, as I believe being able to conquer what controls you, is key to your own healing. I also deal with other challenges such as interview anxiety, early childhood trauma, low self esteem, fears, phobias and insomnia.

Visit Des' website

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Zaahera Bibi Naik

CHT (Non-medical), CPTF, B A (Hons) Psychology, Life Coach, NLP

Area of practice: Claremont | View contact information


Approved quit smokingHaving been intrigued by the mind, body, spirit connection my entire life has taken me on a journey of discovery, starting with the study of psychology and culminating in the study of hypnotherapy which brings everything together in a most comprehensive manner.

Hypnosis is a natural state inherent in everyone, enabling the client to connect to the subconscious mind and powerful inner resources, making client-centred hypnotherapy an amazingly effective modality.

Using the modalities available to me, let me help you bring about the change you desire in order to live the life you deserve to live.

Annette Evans


Area of practice: Newlands | View contact information


Approved quit smoking

Caron Koumbatis

CHT (Non-medical), CPTF

Area of practice: Claremont | View contact information

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Tarryn Pickup


Area of practice: Plumstead | View contact information


As a CPTF I run The Wellness Space as a private hypnotherapy practice. TWS is a professional and ethical space where excellence is delivered. Our initial session will include a 'deep-dive' of what you would like to work on after which I will assess and suggest a therapy plan. I believe that our minds are creative, not simply responsive. Events in the world, feelings, emotions, and thoughts within us are not separate from our socialization, our prior experiences and the workings of our minds. Once we understand this, we acknowledge that we are all architects of our own experience.

Connect with Tarryn: | @WellnessSpaceSA

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Belinda Roxburgh

CHT (Non-medical), CPTF, BA (Psychology)

Area of practice: Pinelands | View contact information


Reaching into your subconscious mind through guided hypnosis can help you access those parts that sabotage your life. A golden opportunity to make peace, heal and create new neural pathways. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, hypnotherapy is a powerful way to accelerate personal growth, change habits and gain insight.

Perhaps it is time to explore a healthier, more conscious way of being you? Relationship issues, anxiety, sexuality, insomnia, addictions or anything else?

I offer you a comfortable space to discover for yourself what would benefit you most. Online sessions are also working well.

Connect with Belinda: | @riverside.hypnosis

Taryn Ann Schwarz

CHT (Non-medical)

Area of practice: Claremont | View contact information

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