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  • Cape Town: Advanced Hypnosis (CC2)- 20-21 January 2018
  • Cape Town: Self Mastery through Auto Hypnosis (SM)- 27 January 2018
  • Johannesburg: Self Mastery through Auto Hypnosis (SM)- 27 January 2018
  • Johannesburg: Basic Hypnosis (CC1)- 10-11 February 2018
  • Cape Town: Group Hypnosis, Scripting, Suggestion Sets & Conversational Hypnosis Techniques (CC3)- 24-25 February 2018

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Course testimonials
  • Faizel Bagus: "My life has already found direction. It will bring peace and healing".
  • Dr Enver Mia(Dentist): "I'm motivated to learn more about Hypnosis and use it in my practice".
  • Dr Annette Kenwright: "The workshop was fantastic. Pulled it all together!".

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How To Study For Certification In Hypnotherapy


The graph/timeline below shows the sequence of study.


Understanding the power of the subconscious mind is probably one of the most enlightening experiences you can embark on, and applying this knowledge can benefit your everyday life in almost every aspect. This is why the SELF MASTERY THROUGH AUTO HYPNOSIS course is a workshop which everybody should consider. During this workshop you will recognize how to take yourself safely in and out of hypnosis and most importantly how to work on yourself in this natural and empowering state. Whether you are looking for ways to get in touch with yourself or to increase your personal power this is also your first step on the path to certification as a Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator (CPTF) and Certified non medical Hypnotherapist (CHT).

SELF MASTERY THROUGH AUTO-HYPNOSIS is also the first module towards your qualification as a Certified Hypnotherapist (non-medical).

Attending the courses SM, CC1, CC2, CC3, PT (Parts Therapy), CC4, CC5 (CC stands for Client Centred Hypnotherapy), and then completing the required speciality and home study courses, as well as case studies. The 2-day classroom courses are held over weekends and include theory and important practical application. All course details can be found on our Training Courses page and dates can be found on our calendar

The many testimonials from our participants in both Johannesburg and Cape Town over the last 13 years bear witness that the SELF MASTERY THROUGH AUTO HYPNOSIS is definitely a worthwhile investment. Following this inspiring course you will then be able to make a much more informed decision regarding your further studies.

The dates for the next entry-level course SELF MASTERY THROUGH AUTO HYPNOSIS in Cape Town and Johannesburg are publishedhere. This is a full day (8.30am – 5.30pm) workshop (R1150). All course details can be found on our Training Courses page and dates can be found on ourcalendar


The Path To Certification Following The Self Mastery Course

One of the most rewarding facets of Parts Therapy and non medical Hypnotherapy is when we facilitate improvement in various aspects of our clients' lives, because the methods are fast, efficient and lasting when applied correctly

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"There is no greater reward in life than the sight of a shining smile, after a waterfall of tears, and knowing that you were in part responsible for the transition." - Andrew Post

The client-centered methods that we teach you at SAIH, versus therapist-centered methods, are based on the empowering idea that the client holds the answers to their problems. The client-centered therapist's task, then, is to carefully listen and strive to understand the client and apply proven techniques, so that the client can tap into their natural ability to grow and improve.

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"Patients carry their own doctor inside. They come to us not knowing that truth. We are at our best when we give the physician within each patient a chance to go to work." - Dr Albert Schweitzer

If you feel a calling to apply your inherent talents and compassion, you bring the minimum requirements to embark on this journey. However, if you have a background in other supporting modalities this may well enhance your overall competence.

SAIH and the Mastermind Training Centre is not your ordinary training centre. Acceptance into the program is not determined by academic pre-requisites or scholastic achievement. However, we do seek passionate and determined people who are deeply committed to improving themselves and others. Therefore, if you feel a calling to apply your inherent talents and compassion, you bring the minimum requirements to embark on this journey, additionally if you have a background in other supporting modalities this may well enhance your overall competence.

"I really enjoyed this module (Compulsive Behaviour) and have found this to be the most useful in my practice, and the most rewarding. Just to brag, I have included an email from a lady who had done smoking cessation with me. She had previously stopped smoking for 8 years after watching her best friend die of lung cancer, but had started again. During her first symptomatic session, she lay, propped up with pillows, and coughed right throughout the session. Her lungs were so clogged. We then changed the strategy in the second session and had her sitting upright and it went smoother, no coughing. She couldn't climb 2 stairs without wheezing. Anyway, this session really made me realize how useful we are to society at large. Even though I passed my Honors Degree in Psychological Counseling last year, it is truly my studies through SAIH that I've been able to truly make a lasting difference." - Alison Zweers


SAIH is affiliated to the UK based APHP and the IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Association in USA), recognizing their curriculum. After qualification with SAIH you can apply to IMDHA for international certification. The study of Parts Therapy and Hypnotherapy includes essential practical training and application of techniques that are supervised and monitored by the trainers during the courses. This is vital to the training as there is only a limited amount of learning for this modality that can be achieved through reading books, watching DVDs, or doing home studies alone.


The courses are structured in such a way that you have the option/opportunity to obtain an additional qualification about midway, after the Parts Therapy course. This qualification entitles you to set up your practice and earn an income as a Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator (CPTF), to build your confidence while employing all techniques other than analytical approaches for which you receive in-depth training during the CC4 and CC5 courses.

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Once all courses are completed, as well as the required case studies, exam, and home study you are then qualified as a Certified non medical Hypnotherapist (CHT). Throughout the program/courses you will receive support and guidance and SAIH will recommend literature to deepen your knowledge.

Your own healing and growth throughout this path to become a certified non medical Hypnotherapist is a valuable side effect, which usually results in a personal transformation. We have also witnessed powerful connections and friendships developing amongst the students over the course of their training.

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How Long Does It Take To Qualify

Time to certification is dependant on the training calendar and your availability. As with any adult education program you take responsibility for your learning and you can set the pace for yourself. We have first-rate facilitators to bring the theories across, supervise the practical sessions and answer your questions. Your understanding will become transparent during review papers, case studies and demonstrations during the courses. The facilitators and assessors will support and encourage you to reach your highest level of competence. Courses are held over weekends so that you can continue to maintain your present income.


Working As A Parts Therapy Facilitator And Hypnotherapist

As a member of SAIH, once you are qualified as a Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator (CPTF) and /or Certified non medical Hypnotherapist (CHT), your details will be added to the referral list under find-a-therapist .

Many of our members report that no other form of advertising is necessary to set up and expand their clientele. There are many additional membership benefits, for example, as part of our network you will be informed of mentoring sessions, get-togethers and should you wish to attend any courses as a refresher you can do so at reduced prices.

South Africa is in dire need of more Hypnotherapists. You may find your niche either in private practice, in combination with a health care professional, or working with groups, also within the corporate environment. Whether you start a career in Hypnotherapy or add the knowledge to your current qualifications, you will find the process transformational for yourself and often life changing for your clients.


What Does It Cost To Study

Course fees are only payable as and when you are ready to book and include comprehensive course material, which is electronically forwarded to you prior to the lectures and you also get a hard copy on the course. Even if you wish to supplement our comprehensive course material with additional recommended literature, you only have to budget +- R25, 000 as a complete financial investment for this dual certification. (Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator and Certified Hypnotherapist) Please note that educational course fees are tax deductible in certain instances.

Self Mastery through Auto Hypnosis (SM) 1 Day R1,150
CC1, CC2, CC3, CC4, CC5 2 Day per course R2,750
RSA, CHP, PLR, CB, PT 2 Day per course R3,150
Home Study CC100 and CC110 R1,250
Home Study CC500   R1,450

We trust that we have answered most of your initial questions and of course you can visit our website for more details. What we would really enjoy is to talk to you personally to clarify anything else that matters to you. We therefore look forward to hearing from you again soon.