What do our qualifications mean?

Members listed by SAIH have signed a strict Code of Ethics and have undergone thorough non-medical theoretical and practical training. All members are encouraged and motivated to further their education on an ongoing basis. Our members have been trained in ALL ASPECTS of Hypnotherapy and are qualified as a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) (non-medical) and/or a Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator (CPTF)


A Certified Hypnotherapist (non medical) deals with PERSISTENT symptoms that cannot be resolved effectively through Parts Therapy or with symptomatic approaches.

Every behaviour, habit and in some cases even physical symptoms, whether acceptable or undesired must have a cause … and although one may not know or realize it, events in ones past can have a significant impact on present day situations, feelings and life patterns. While suggestion hypnotherapy and PARTS THERAPY may work very well for most individuals focusing on the presenting symptom, analytical hypnotherapy also looks at the root cause of the problem. In many instances there can be deep underlying "programs" that function outside of a person's conscious awareness. If your conscious mind is not yet aware (or not fully aware), of the "real cause" of your distress you may struggle to overcome it permanently. It may thus be necessary to uncover those repressed memories and emotions, and to work through /resolve them, to effectively and most often permanently deal with them. One of the biggest benefits of analytical hypnotherapy is that once the 'underlying' cause is worked through, very often ALL of the associated symptoms (the 'effects') are reduced or disappear accordingly. Examining and understanding the past can often provide you with the tools to move forward and improve your future. A non medical CERTIFIED HYPNOTHERAPIST has gone through advanced training to encompass all aspects of hypnotherapy and is also competent to facilitate age regression and other hypnotic techniques to assist you with self discovery where you can expose and identify these strong underlying "programs" during hypnosis. Once the deep underlying problem is uncovered, it becomes possible to re-evaluate them to affect changes for the better.


Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator base their approach on the widely accepted theory that we are the sum of various parts, all of which serve certain functions. In other words we can wear different hats. When these personality parts are inharmonious or fragmented, internal conflict exists within us.

Have you ever tried making a conscious decision to resolve a problem or overcome an undesired habit, only to find yourself back to square one after a while? Have you ever noticed that willpower, discipline and common sense only serves you up to some point before you backtrack to your old habits, sometimes even worse than before? If so, then Parts Therapy or a Symptomatic Hypnotherapy approach might be the ideal technique for you! During this multifaceted hypnotic technique the facilitator guides the client into a state of hypnosis (deeply focused relaxation) and then invites communication with the various parts that prevent the client from changing, as well as the part motivating the client to improve his/her life. This self empowering process resembles mediation in that the facilitator invites subconscious responses to help the parts resolve their differences. Should a strong underlying cause emerge, your CPTF will employ their knowledge in regression therapy or refer you to a Certified Hypnotherapist who is competent and qualified to facilitate the process of working through the underlying issue. Please contact any of the professionally trained therapists listed on this website to discuss further details with them directly.

Please discuss the number of required sessions and the fees with the therapist of your choice.