Practitioners who have expanded their qualification portfolio to include this additional area of expertise are able to support their clients through combining elements of spirituality and hypnosis to guide individuals on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth, in addition to the techniques used by Certified non-medical Hypnotherapists (CHT) or Parts Therapy Facilitators (CPTF).
A Spiritual Hypnosis is not influenced by any specific faith and is relevant for individuals of all beliefs. A Spiritual Hypnosis Practitioner maintains a neutral stance and respects the client’s beliefs, ensuring an unbiased session.

Here are some key areas where a Spiritual Hypnosis Practitioner can support you:

• SPIRITUAL EXPLORATION: The practitioner guides clients in exploring their spiritual beliefs, experiences, and connections. This may involve connecting with their higher self, spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, or other spiritual beings. Additionally, the practitioner may assist with understanding spiritual concepts such as the Chakra system, the divine feminine and masculine, exploring the Akashic records, and establishing connections with ancestors and individuals who have passed over.

• SOURCE ROOT CAUSES ON A SPIRITUAL REALM: Spiritual Hypnosis Practitioners help identify and release limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, and negative patterns that hinder spiritual growth and overall well-being. Techniques like energy clearing and visualization facilitate the healing process. It’s important to recognize that while medical intervention may be necessary, the root cause of certain issues might lie on a vibrational level, and addressing these spiritual aspects can complement traditional treatment.

• FACILITATE SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE: If you find yourself questioning your identity, purpose, or seeking guidance on important decisions, a Spiritual Hypnosis Practitioner can help you tap into your inner wisdom and intuition. Through hypnosis, you can access your subconscious knowledge and receive guidance from your higher self or spiritual guides.

• ASSIST IN DISCOVERING OR STRENGTHENING SPIRITUAL CONNECTIONS: Many individuals experience a sense of disconnection, emptiness, or a longing for a deeper meaning in life. This feeling of separation can lead to emotional distress and prompt individuals to seek help. Spiritual Hypnosis Practitioners can provide assistance in reconnecting with your spiritual self and finding fulfilment beyond materialistic orientations.

• HELP CONNECTIONS WITH DECEASED LOVED ONES: There are times when individuals yearn to connect with someone who has passed away, seeking closure, reassurance, or messages. Spiritual hypnosis practices offer solace and relief to those grieving, facilitating communication and attending to unresolved matters.

• ASSIST IN EXPLORING EXTRASENSORY ABILITIES: If you have an interest in exploring or enhancing “supernatural” talents such as channelling, mediumship, healing, energy work, or psychic abilities, a hypnosis session with a Spiritual Hypnosis Practitioner can provide valuable insights and support.

For PAST LIFE REGRESSION and SOUL JOURNEYS please consult practitioners specifically trained in these areas.