Compulsive Behaviour and Smoking Cessation (CB)

Speciality Course

Classroom Courses

Prerequisites:  CC1, RSA, CC2

Duration: 2 days, Saturday and Sunday

Times: Sat: 09:00 to 17:00, Sun: 09:00 to 17:00

Are you a practicing hypnosis practitioner or student of hypnosis looking to expand your skills and help your clients overcome compulsive behaviours such as smoking, gambling, and binge eating? Look no further than our Compulsive Behaviour and Smoking Cessation specialty course! This comprehensive workshop covers the distinctions between compulsive and obsessive-compulsive behaviours, recognizing the contributing factors of stress, anxiety, and depression, and offers complementary techniques to alleviate a variety of compulsive behaviours. Plus, our smoking cessation technique is recognized by Genesis, the first medical scheme to allow its members to use their available savings for smoking cessation only with SAIH Hypnosis Practitioners. Utilizing the natural benefits obtained from the hypnotic state, this course applies many techniques to cover all aspects that may have held your clients back from making the change in the past. This is your opportunity  enhance your abilities and support your clients in accomplishing their objectives.

What students are saying about the course

Annette Evans:
“I feel that the Mastermind Compulsive Behaviour Resolution technique is so beautiful and it excites me how powerful it is in its simplicity. I love the options of the two opposing doors and find it such a wonderful client centred approach in that the client�s subconscious visualises both outcomes and then makes the choices herself. This is by far my favourite technique and also by doing a thorough pre-talk in the first session, I was able to prepare a very effective pre-prepared script to fully benefit the client. The journaling helped me find a great introduction to the pre-talk and go a long way towards forming a wonderful rapport with my client. I love the almost tangible spiral of belief it created. I was very excited to learn this technique the first time around, and now that I feel it is so immensely beneficial for smokers I definitely plan to use in in my practice over and over again wherever relevant and required.”

Alison Zweers:
“I really enjoyed this module and have found this to be the most useful in my practice, and the most rewarding. Just to brag, I have included an email from a lady who had done smoking cessation with me. She had previously stopped smoking for 8 years after watching her best friend die of lung cancer, but had started again. During her first symptomatic session, she lay, propped up with pillows, and coughed right throughout the session. Her lungs were so clogged. We then changed the strategy in the second session and had her sitting upright and it went smoother, no coughing. She couldn’t climb 2 stairs without wheezing. Anyway, this session really made me realize how useful we are to society at large. Even though I passed my Honors Degree in Psychological Counseling last year, it is truly my studies through SAIH that I’ve been able to truly make a lasting difference”.

Anton Kloppers:
“This course enhanced my hypnotherapy skills tremendously! I feel equipped to help clients with CB issues for the very first time!”.

Bevin Reynolds:
“The course was great – it seems like an incredibly effective and simple technique that could be really beneficial to those who wish to stop a CB”.

Verona Smith:
“I have had many people ask me if I can help them to stop smoking. I think this will generate a lot of business whilst helping people”. 

Erika Woodman :
“Lots of practical experience and well explained. Interesting course content with a super practical application for future sessions”.

Julia Pedro:
“This course brought me a lot more than I was expecting”.

Hannes Venter :
“Really enjoyed it. I can absolutely see how I am going to use it. Feel very positive about it”.

Dalene Meij :
“Really enjoyed course. Had very good experience and session. Feel I will benefit in future. Very well presented.” “.

Grace Areias :
“Positively  – not only for smoking but other compulsive behaviours”.

Juan Meyer :
“Wow, this is all I need to start. Thanks guys”.

Grace Areias :
“Positively  – not only for smoking but other compulsive behaviours”.

Chrisma Lotter :
“What a learning curve. Unbelievable how easy it really is. This marks the start of my practise”.

Margot Brews :
“Very practical method that will no doubt prove to be successful. Will definitely use the method in my practice”.

Michelle Oliver :
“Very interesting, can’t wait to do my case study.  Informative, a must attend. This will help me, a whole lot of people to stop smoking. This will help me get a lot of business”.

Anonymous :
“Thank you for a very complete and detailed training session. It taught me many new techniques”.

Anonymous :
“Very simply laid out so I could implement exact principles tomorrow. Be able to practice session of smoking competently and in confidence”.

Malie du Plessis :
“I will be able to help people to stop smoking. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge”.

Dimi Sijtsema:
“It actually gives me more confidence to being my practice. It was nice to have something that’s more specific and practical”.

Bryan Roberts:
“Specific and sequential. Well established”.

Bianca de Villiers:
“What an eye opening experience. Brilliant course and a wonderful experience. From all the courses this experience has just been brilliant and the most powerful.”


Dr Mohammed Rahman:
“It will encourage me to continue the remaining hypnotherapy courses to become a certified and qualified hypnotherapist, to combine it with my practice as a Clinical Psychologist.”