Client - Centred Hypnotherapy Level 1 (CC1)

Learn How to Hypnotize Others

Classroom Courses

Duration: 2 days, Saturday and Sunday

Times: Sat: 09:00 to 17:00, Sun: 09:00 to 17:00

The Art and Science of Hypnosis: Unleashing the Power of the Mind 


Discover the key to unlocking the hidden potential of the mind with the art of hypnosis. Learn to hypnotize others safely and ethically, tapping into their natural ability to access the powerful subconscious mind. With our world-class training system, you will continuously expand your skills and knowledge, mastering the client-centered approach to non-medical hypnosis practices. Our weekend course will teach you essential skills such as deepening the hypnotic state, delivering beneficial suggestions, and safely bringing clients back to normal awareness. With access to our expertly crafted scripts, you will be able right away to assist others in improving their lives. This is an exciting opportunity to explore the limitless possibilities of the human mind through the science and art of hypnosis.

What students are saying about the course

Dr Basedi Motlhake:
“Course content = expectations exceeded. I came in to have the course boost my interactions with individual patients but it left me craving for more.”

Johan Diedericks:
“Thank you SOOO much!! You guys with courses like this are changing lives. Well done in every way and aspect!.”

Dhavan Reddy:
“I just want to say that this weekend has changed my life. I cannot begin to explain to you how much.”

Marc dos Santos:
“Content was thorough and perfect for building confidence in inducing trance. Keep up the great work and continue facilitating positive change. It has given me a lot more confidence to work with clients. I have done Life Coaching before but this was far more beneficial for me”.

Martin Gouws:
“This was a life changing experience. It is amazing how little we know about who we are. Arno is a brilliant facilitator. Thank you.”

Erich Peters:
“Wow, what a Stupendously, Fantastic Week end ! Self Mastery was very good, but this course that I attended over the week end is uhm, undescribably fantastic, WOW ! to the power of whatever”.

Candice Way:
“WOW!!!! Blown away…. or rather MIND BLOWING!!”

Hannalie van Rooyen:
“I attended the CC1 course this past weekend. The weekend was not only about training, it was also about changing. I feel like a different better person. I had a life changing awakening experience this morning. My puzzle started to fall quite quickly perfectly into place and I realised why I was doing the things I did. My days are brighter and I feel like I was asleep for a very very very long time and now I am wide awake! “.

“Course Content – Thorough and Understandable. Training – Brilliant! Excellent! Fantastic how each ‘step’ was presented & explained, always checking we had understanding”.

Yasmin Moosa:
“The course was absolutely amazing and went beyond my expectations. I believe I now have the necessary skills to conduct an induction and termination at a trance session (and more). Absolutely wonderful! Thank you”.

“Everything was fantastic. The facilitators really know their stuff. Course material is very informative and the facilitator puts everything together so well”.

Rolina Vorster:
“It was great! It was even better than I expected or hoped for. The practice sessions was also great and the feedback everyone got was really helpful and knowledgeable. The course content was very interesting and packed full of exciting contactl”.

Frankie Jones:
“It is worth every single penny, if only for the ability to relax. Instruction is informative and well delivered. Enjoyed it immensely”. 

Dr Enver Mia – Dentist:
“I’m motivated to learn more about Hypnosis and use it in my practice”. 

Anita Ludski:
What statement do you wish to make with regards to this workshop: “Life changing!”.

“A great deal of information which I found fascinating and exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed the work shop and am looking forward to practicing my new skills in preparation for cc2. I thought the course content was good and the training excellent with lots of practice and demonstration.”

“It was a brilliant experience, extremely informative. I will be using Hypnotherapy in my personal life and look forward to practising on clients and using hypnotherapy once I have qualified as a Psychologist.”

Anabela Jordan-Rozwadowska:
“This workshop was wonderfully informative one. Course content was quite extensive, handout material was comprehensive, classroom training & practice sessions were informative, interesting and even fun at times. The practical workshop was absolutely essential to engender confidence.”

Dr Spiros Kavalieratos:
“How do you feel the workshop will influence your future? Very positively, for myself and my patients.”

Liz Kirsten:
“Thoroughly absorbing and enjoyable. I learnt so much and am genuinely excited about practising what was taught. Material and course content was excellent. There were long period for practice and monitoring to ensure participants ‘got it’.”

Alexandra Pinington:
“It’s amazing, an eye-opener, a wonderful way to spend my weekend. This workshop will influence my future in so many way, so positively, in my approach to things and the way I deal with others.”

Stephanie Visser:
“All the aspects covered in the course was brilliant! It encourages a person to complete their journey. The workshop will influence my life in that it has made me more positive that hypnotherapy does work. It has changed my life to now and will certainly continue.”

Bobby Sarlie :

“The course has been a life changing experience for me. What I particularly found exceptional is Arno’s skills as a hypnotherapist. He certainly has a command of the modality which made it easy for me to learn. Thank you.”

Anonymous :

“CC1 has been an amazing journey. Along with Self Mastery my personal growth has been incredible. I can only imagine the benefits that can be gained as the journey progresses.”

Pieter van Eck :

“Very enjoyable, well presented, fun but very informative. Emphasis on practical work very good. Hypnotherapy is great! Definitely worth making a career of!”