Group Hypnosis, Scripting, Suggestion Sets & Conversational Hypnosis Techniques (CC3)

Classroom Courses

Prerequisites: CC1, RSA, CC2

Duration: 2 days, Saturday and Sunday

Times: Sat: 09:00 to 17:00, Sun: 09:00 to 17:00

Unleash the Power of Words: The Art and Science of Script Writing and Hypnosis sessions with groups

Join us for an immersive professional workshop where we delve into the mesmerizing world of suggestion sets, semantics, imagery, and metaphor. Learn how to artfully paint vivid pictures in the minds of your participants, mastering the timing and delivery of your words to create a profound impact.

As renowned expert Rossi emphasizes, hypnotic suggestions have the potential to activate, block, or alter natural mental mechanisms, leading to transformative experiences for the listener.

Explore the immense power of words to shape reality and unleash incredible opportunities utilizing the science and art of clear and intentional communication with clarity and integrity.

By understanding, managing, and skillfully delivering these techniques to groups, you will not only expand your own horizons but also touch the lives of others, establishing yourself as a true practitioner in the field. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your skills and make a meaningful impact!

What our students say about this course:

Nadeem Samad
“Great content – relevant, concise and easy to grasp when expertly presented! It was especially rewarding to do this course with a great bunch of fellow learners. Arno and Brigitte sets the bar high, but really take you there.  Well done.  Very enjoyable and beneficial”.

Estelle Keen:
“The practical session was great. It taught me allot and made me feel very comfortable about my ability to do a session myself”. 

Dr Annette Kenwright:
“The workshop was fantastic. Pulled it all together!”. 

Aiden Lottering:
How do you feel the workshop will influence your future life? “Positively Profound”.

Anita Ludski:
“The content of the “Group Hypnosis” Course well researched, developed and beneficial even in my private healing practice. I found that every dynamic of the group aspect is just as important in my one on one personal consultations. I found the Hypnotic Language section to be of particular interest and of tremendous value. The use of Metaphors, Deepeners, Pacing, Semantics and Patterns of Indirect Suggestion have been emphasized at each of the training courses I have attended but this one made just so much more sense. I have always known semantics and patterns of indirect suggestion to be fundamental to the development of a successful script but the material and the way in which this was presented made a significant impact on me and has enhanced my ability to write more elegant and more subtle scripts, with obvious benefits to my clients. This course has given me an opportunity to further develop and improve my skills to enable me to deliver a more professional and efficient service as a Hypnotherapist. I love what I do and I find it extremely rewarding and satisfying to be able to help people heal and change their lives. I do this by choice and there is nothing else I would rather do . I love it! I started my private healing practice full time about 18 months ago, it is very successful. Although I love what I do, this is my business and in order to make it viable, I need to continually market myself and my business. I see Group Hypnosis as an excellent marketing tool to increase my income, not only by holding Group Sessions but by natural progression to increase my private/personal client base by more word of mouth advertising. As you know, word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertising, isn’t it? I certainly recommend this course to everyone who is serious about Hypnosis as a profession.”

Mari-Lene Fourie:
“Brilliant, as I think it can’t get better, it does. Loved it! Thank you.”

Pierre Immelman:
“This, together with CB was the best course for me to date. It was truly memorable.”

Sally Wilke:
“This course was outstanding. I feel so much more confident to actually deliver a script to a group.”