Client Centered Hypnotherapy (CC 4) Level 7

The Analytical Mastermind Technique

Classroom Courses

Prerequisites: CC1, RSA, CC2, CC3, PT

Duration: 2 days, Saturday and Sunday

Times: Sat: 09:00 to 17:00, Sun: 09:00 to 17:00

Join us for an extraordinary learning experience at the Mastermind Analytical Technique© workshop, where you will uncover the crown jewel of hypnosis practices which includes regression therapy. This powerful technique allows you to delve into the subconscious mind, understand the root causes of issues, and guide clients towards profound resolution. Learn how to help clients overcome subconscious resistance and achieve subconscious relearning. This workshop offers a completely client-centered approach, empowering you to transform lives in deeply satisfying ways by regressing clients to the origin of their challenges and facilitating profound results. This advanced level of training offers mastery to make significant impact.

What our students say about this course:

Tanya Edwards:
“I have felt nothing but love and acceptance – both giving and receiving from/for each and everyone”. “It has been an awesome experience, and one which has taught me a lot”.

Michelle Oliver :
“! Can’t wait to use Analytical Hypnotherapy on some-one. This course was fantastic!”.

Hendrik Baird :
“Finally! After all the talk of everything coming together in CC4 – it all came together at last! I finally feel that I can progress in leaps and bounds with this new information. The practical demo’s have been a real eye opened and have given me a headstart. Both Bianca and Arno have been very thorough and have answered the many questions in a thorough and insightful manner. It adds very nicely to Parts Therapy and I am so glad to have embarked on this process. Thanks!”.

June Stone :
“Arno, I love your style of connecting and interacting with us the delegates. You have enabled me to feel safe and your quiet measured pace I find very empowering. Your example stories are very helpful to illustrate the learning. I think your regression style is great and I learned a lot during Diana’s session and am looking forward to a professional regression session soont”.

Melanie Wehner :
“This process is so amazing! This is truly the amazing course”.

Neil Fitzgerald :
“It was one of the most enlightening (mentally & spiritually) moments in my life”.

Norman Carlyle :
“Having Roy Hunter’s, Art of Hynotherapy, I see that SAIH’s is a lot more extensive. The classroom training and especially the 2 sessions done were fantastic. Both Arno & Bianca were able to answer all questions”.

Henk van der Walt :
“It is absolutely high leaning. The way it was presented, the way it was explained as well as the practicum was beyond words. THANK YOU”.

Nazir Noor Mahomed :
“CC4 – Wow very intense. Was confusing at first but became clearer as we went along. Both the facilitators were excellent and provided the time to ensure that the understanding was obtained. CC4 Brought all the learnings of CC1,2,3 together. I feel confident that I can now use these skills to make a difference in peoples lives – THANK YOU”.

Amanda Lane :
“The course lived up to the advertising and build up we have had. Many things crystallized and the power of hypnosis was revealed. Both Arno and Bianca are patient, passionate and inspiring teachers. They have a lovely rapport together. The 2 demonstrations with Diane and June were probably the most powerful aspect of the course. It gave us an insight into the process and visual reality of the power of hypnotherapy. Thanks to a beautiful group”.

Aira Klopper :
“I feel so excited after CC4 & Arno and Bianca gave an unbelievable course – but I do need to say that all the courses have been so well done. Thank you so much”.

Grace Areias :
“It was very dynamic and informative. I found the interaction of the trainers and delegates was very good. Practice session and venue were excellent. The course was awesome”.

Anonymous :
“This was the BEST of all the courses I have done so far. Thank you Bianca and Arno. I enjoy all the humour during the course”.

Anonymous :
“As always, the course was thoroughly enjoyable with great training explained so effectively. I appreciated the session that was done on Sunday to show exactly how the process is to be carried out. I was however looking forward to the usual trance state with the group at the beginning of the course”.

Craig Cox :
“You definitely have a winning formula for healing and change! It should be a requirement that all your students repeat cc4 and cc5 every 18 months or so. Totally different and much better courses that the earlier ones!”

Candice Stipp :
“Excellent experience. Great investment in life. I feel that this course will influence my life positively and for my business and my family.”

Yvonne Dreyer :
“Fantastic Course! My favourite so far. Beautifully and clearly presented. Made all the previous learnings come together. Highly recommended!”

Anton Kloppers :
“I now realise why so many clients battle to forgive if only cognitive therapy is used. Very useful course, thank you.”

Elva Lombard :
“This was truly the best left for last.”

Kira Quabeck :
“CC4 Is fantastic. Everyone, especially parents should have to do this course before having children! So insightful. The course will positively influence my life especially being in my final year of doing a B.ed (teacher). I now realise that things you say can seriously have a negative effect on that childs entire life.”

Stephanie Schilbach :
“Of all the courses this course was the best. Awesome technique.”