Conversational Hypnosis Practices (CHP)

Speciality Course

Classroom Courses

Prerequisites:  CC1, RSA,

Duration: 2 days, Saturday and Sunday

Times: Sat: 09:00 to 18:00, Sun: 09:00 to 18:00

Prerequisites: CC1, RSA

Are you ready to unlock the power of conversational hypnosis?

Our professional workshop will teach you the subtle art of communication that can lead to positive change in your clients. With powerful techniques embedded within metaphor, you will learn to activate associations and resources deep within the subconscious mind, allowing your clients to embrace their learning with ease. Our qualified Conversational Hypnosis Practitioners have the skill set to induce the hypnotic state without the client’s awareness, bypassing their conscious resistance in a strictly professional and ethical environment. Once your client has been prepared in this manner, their mind will be more receptive to further hypnosis practices and strategies, such as formal induction for accessing deep hypnotic states and the Resource Strategy Approach for accessing inner resources. Join us and discover the benefits of hypnotic phenomena without conscious effort or interference.

What students say about this course:

Sheldon Davy :
“I was really impressed with this course and it has opened my eyes to the full power of hypnosis. Before this course I wasn’t interested in private therapy. Now I am committed to it and committed to helping as many people as I can with hypnosis.”

Elva Lombard :
“This course was seriously mind blowing!!!! We need this more than once a year. Thank you for a wonderful time of learning.”

Tania van Wyk de Vries :
“The course was like the glue between all the other things we learned and also helped to clarify previously learned aspects or go into more depth. It showed other induction techniques which are really helpful.”

Dr Madelein Walker :
“Please consider making this a curriculum course. I am of the opinion that this will make the difference between producing really good Hypnotherapists to absolutely brilliant therapists. If not, the communication to students regarding the value of this course should be improved and perhaps even over stated!!! The shifts that happens during this course is invaluable!!!!”

Nadeem Samad :
“Well presented course, excellent material, knowledgeable and articulate presenter with all the skills and advice to help us be really successful. A highly recommended course for any Hypnotherapist. This course is essential.”

Yvonne Dreyer :
“Wow! What a fantastic, informative and extremely relevant course. It equips you with powerful tools to assist you in giving your client’s the maximum benefit from their sessions. Should be a mandatory curriculum course in my opinion.”

Dr. Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman :
“I see this course is an eye opener for me as this course has enhanced and expanded my scope of practice beyond clinic as well. Course content was exhaustive.”

Brigitte Bowles :
“Wow, more pieces of the puzzle just slipped back into place. Now having a framework for utilizing my communication skills in a positive beneficial way will allow me to progress as a Hypnotherapist and allow my clients the best possible opportunity to grow and expand as people allowing them to effortlessly and easily find themselves within themselves.  It’s absolutely amazing.”

Ryna Holtzhausen :
“This course was great!  Thanks Arno, I have learned a tremendous lot this weekend. This course is an absolute MUST for everybody. I truly think that this should be Compulsory for everybody to do, as this is a fantastic skill to have for the benefit of both the client as well as the therapist.”

Jennifer Steyn :
“This course was excellent. It really taught me the importance of ‘language in hypnosis’, as well as teaching the most successful ‘language’. For me as a therapist I believe this course is ‘critical’ to any hypnosis curriculum. I don’t believe that one could be a successful hypnotist and therapist without this content. Your curriculum would be incomplete without it and one would need to seek this content elsewhere. Handouts and material well thought out – obviously put together by someone very experienced! Well done!”

Brian Roodt :
“Excellent! A whole array of useful tools and building blocks adding to the “whole” and bringing it all together in a very meaningful way. Enjoyable and enlightening.”

Stewart Schwartz :
“The content was beyond expectation, the handouts were informative with relevant content and space in the handout for notes was very welcome. This course should be a highly recommended speciality course if not Compulsory as it is an invaluable tool presented by Arno who is very well informed on this subject. Brilliant weekend.”

Alta Marais :
“Ek het dit geniet. Klomp tools gekry vir my toolbox. Die fassiliteerder weet hoe om die klas in te trek. Baie gesellig en niks boring. Baie dankie.”

Anonymous :
“I honestly don’t know how any therapist could practise without this course. “

Sharon Dill :
“Yet another brilliant course – another vital piece of the puzzle to being the very best client centered hypnotherapist I can be. Deeper understanding of the hypnotic state – lovely demonstrations of the chunking process.”

Anonymous :
“Just too short – would love more. Has awakened my interest in metaphors which I would love to learn more about. Another wonderful took in my therapy box.”

Yasmin Moosa :
“Very good course. Puts a different light on the pre-talk. Enable the pre-talk to be much more effective.”

Nazir Noor Mahomed :
“Brilliant – a must do course for all hypnotherapists.”

Dr Yousuf Seedat :
“Will help develop metaphor tailored specific to the client.”

Rolina Vorster :
“I feel that it will really help a lot now with my pre-talks especially improving the outcome of the session as well.  Will help a lot with building rapport which I feel is a topic that would help extensively.”

Bouwer Delport :
“This course tied up a couple of loose ends with other courses done previously and how to integrate the different topics covered in the previous courses.”

Ida Foxcroft :
“This will profoundly improve the outcome of sessions.”

Craig Cox :
“Was just right for me.  Fulfilled expectations 100%.  Make me a better therapist!”

Sandie Soncini :
“This workshop is un-missable.  It will change the way I communicate.”

Stella Crowther:
Awesome learnings by fantastic facilitator. So much info that I need to assimilate, quite intimidating when one realises how important language is. Thank you. This should be part of CC training as it is so good.”

Miles Harrop:
A cohesion of NLP principles and Hypnotherapy. The first time I have experienced such an experienced and knowledgeable presentation on advance language and metaphor. I feel that Arno has so much more to offer than just one weekend. Especially for experienced therapists. MASSIVE LEARNING – it was worth every cent.”

Marina Redpath:
“Exciting, interesting – I cannot wait to incorporate the learnings into my practice. Arno is simply superb. I love his structured way of presenting. I feel that I have already integrated the learnings.”

Marcelle Trethewey:
“Amazing course content and teaching. Even though I have only done Self Mastery,  am now booked for CC1, I found the information fascinating and it will most certainly be a manual I refer to time and again as I progress down the hypnosis route – Would be hard to beat ! Amazing teaching, clarity, patience and interaction.”

Kim Pearman:
“Awesome and amazing. Very valuable and practical information which could be very beneficial for every hypnosis practitioner.”

Julie Roelofse:
” This was really an interesting course which has opened up so much understanding of hypnosis. The pre-talk that I will be doing now is definitely going to change.”

Ebrahim Sarlie:
“Relevant – Informative – Enlightening – Life Changing – This course should become a CC. Will benefit me immensely in terms of establishing rapport and successful sessions with clients.”

” Wow ! Now I realise how little I know. This course should be compulsory. We should not be let loose on clients without having this knowledge. I almost don’t want to see any more clients until I have digested this information as I know it will make me into a much better hypnotherapist. Arno, your