Past Life Regression and Soul Journeys

Speciality Course

Classroom Courses

Prerequisites:  CC1, RSA, CC2, CC3, PT

Duration: 2 days, Saturday and Sunday

Times: Sat: 08:00 to 18:00, Sun: 08:00 to 18:00

An extraordinary voyage of self-discovery

Delve into the depths of our soul and uncover the hidden imprints of past lives. This transformative workshop for hypnosis practitioners offers a unique opportunity to assist clients in exploring their past life experiences, unravelling unresolved emotions, habits, behaviours and thought patterns by embracing the profound lessons learned through the ages.

Uncover the mysteries of the soul’s journey, as you guide your client through the dimension of life-between-lives. Discover how past life experiences, attitudes, and relationship dynamics impact our current existence, and learn to utilize this knowledge for beneficial movement from within.


What students are saying about the course

“Wow, awesome as usual. Had some great insights into exploring more and taking the ‘soul’ journey to the next level. I enjoyed every moment. Thanks you for the most amazing opportunity”.

Des Attwood CHT

Past Life Regression is a fascinating subject which was so brilliantly brought to life (excuse the pun), by Claudia at the groundbreaking Past Life Regression and Soul Journey course on 3/4th September 2011. Even the harshest skeptic would not be able to refute the highly credible examples shown on the course, the origin of which is from well respected and recognized sources. All practicing Hypnotherapists should consider gaining an understanding and sensitivity to PLR as this knowledge is a vital tool in any Hypnotherapy practice. No matter what your personal belief system is, your client’s beliefs could differ, and a spontaneous past life may well be accessed during treatment. This reality was so well dealt with during the course. Claudia’s thoroughly researched and brilliantly delivered training covered many eventualities and pitfalls, resulting in participants feeling confident and ready to deal with any therapy session detours.

The fact that the course participants represented such a wide spectrum of society, served as a fantastic precursor to the potential diverse landscape of a thriving Hypnotherapy practice. The Soul Journey component of the course is a REAL cherry on the top. What a fantastic, simple, yet effective option to be able to offer to our clients! This course differs from any other PLR courses you may have attended in the past, in that it is TOTALLY Client Centered and the focus is on the practical application thereby preparing student and qualified Hypnotherapists to be comfortable to fully integrate these skills into therapy sessions as and when needed.

Once you have attended this course, you will agree that the content is so powerful, that it should be compulsory for every SAIH trained Hypnotherapist to attend and include in his or her toolbox. Thanks to Claudia and her team for developing a course that will literally change lives!

Estelle Keen:
“Will be using this skill as part of my practice”.

Mike Tyrer:
“It has touched me on a personal level, asking more about spirituality”.

Roger Luke:
“The weekend was just amazing! The positive past life regression & soul journey for me was so beautiful and so incredibly enlightening, actually life changing!

I regressed to a life as a monk in Tibet passing over during meditation in a temple in the mountains. The soul journey took me to the most magical blissful place where there were thousands of souls in the form of white pulsating energy masses that were joined together in the God consciousness of absolute love and oneness. WOW!

I facilitated my sweetheart on a positive PLR last night for two and half hours which was absolutely incredible and life changing for both of us.

I am amazed at how easy this process is and how powerful the soul screening process is.”