Parts Therapy

Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution

Classroom Courses

Prerequisites: CC1, RSA, CC2, CC3

Duration: 2 days, Saturday and Sunday

Times: Sat: 08:00 to 18:00, Sun: 08:00 to 18:00

Transformative Hypnosis: Mastering Parts Therapy

Discover the revolutionary Parts Therapy technique, which has been refined over the years to become one of the most effective hypnosis practices. Certified Parts Therapy Facilitators (CPTF) have a high success rate in helping clients overcome inner conflicts and unwanted behaviours, thoughts, and emotions. This technique is based on the understanding that we all have different aspects within our personality or consciousness, and a Parts Therapy session allows for an internal dialogue that can update the function of a “driving part” for the client’s benefit. Claudia Klein (CHT, CPTT) brought this method to the SAIH curriculum in 2011 after receiving intense training by Roy Hunter in the USA. SAIH and the Mastermind Training Centres are presently the only non-medical hypnosis training institute to offer this highly valuable technique on the African continent. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to be trained by top professionals and achieve certification as a Parts Therapy Facilitator.

What students are saying about the course

Marion Edwards:

“It was a pleasure to be trained by our passionate sincere awesome wise Claudia. I am now using in “Parts “in my daily life for myself and in conversations with others. Quite a useful tool to have. The Course was very interesting with informative sessions and I walked out of there inspired! The handout material is as usual the best ever. The standard of SAIH is awesome!!! Thanks for all the hard long dedicated hours to give such an amazing module/s”.

Michelle Bellion:

“Of all the courses I have attended Parts Therapy is the most exciting and awe-inspiring. The methodology when grasped and fully understood is perhaps the kindest way to achieve results. Claudia is just wonderful and a true master in her field. Thank-you for this opportunity”.

Patricia Oosthuizen:

“Claudia was amazing as always, such a pleasure to watch a pro in action. Parts is fascinating and very simple. I can really see how this could benefit my clients and myself personally. This has been a wonderful journey and I am so grateful to all of you in the SAIH team for your assistance, support and teachings”.

Bianca de Villiers:

“This feels like the crown Jewel. What an amazing privilege to have experienced this. I feel like there is a whole world of opportunities out there”.

Yvonne Dreyer:

“As usual, everything was top notch, very professional and very well presented”.

Sonja Boshoff :
“Valuable and profound insights into a exciting new modality”.

Ryan Edmonds :
“I have yet to discover a tool that excites me as much as this one does! As always, the content, material, training and venue exceeded all expectations, as I have come to respect SAIH’s standards. Personally, this modality (as someone who works professionally in the field of mental health) excites and thrills me, and I can only look forward to a wonderful adventure from here on”.

Anonymous :
“The course was fantastic. So much learning and inner understanding and awareness has been initiated”.

Anonymous :
“Seemingly easy but powerful technique”.

Stewart Schwartz :
“Amazing insights for self-development and a brilliant tool to assist clients in their healing process. Every therapist should do this course”.

Hannes Venter:
“Not only will it change my future by employing these techniques on myself, but I can just see how many clients can benefit from this process “.

Gretha van Zyl, CHT, :
“A very interesting and exciting course. It is a course that all practicing hypnotherapists should definitely do. It will definitely make some of those heavy sessions easier. Gives me confidence to practice.” 

Jennifer Rayment, CHT :
“An excellent course. There was an enormous amount of learning, a great addition to regression therapy”.

Wendal Koopman, CHT:
“Symptomatic hypnotherapy on steroids!! A powerful tool for the therapist’s tool box. No self-respecting hypnotherapist should be without it”.

Vanessa Baragwanath :
“Very interesting course showing that it is not always necessary to use Analytical hypnotherapy. The material is comprehensive and the practice sessions brought about a greater understanding of the process”.

Miles Harrop, CHT :
“A nice option which I feel may be an alternative first option before full blown regression – also less “threatening” than regression”.

Bianca Roffler, CHT :
“It has changed my outlook. I believe this will make me a “softer” therapist”.

Julia Pedro :
“I am very happy that I decided to attend this workshop. Had read about PT before, but it wasn’t until I actually tried it with a client that I realized the power and effectiveness. The instructor’s knowledge was thorough and priceless”.

Anita de Koker :
“Excellent! This will definitely be part of my future session. Easy to understand and associate with. Outstanding training, could associate with her perceptions and learning. Excellent tutor on her field”.

Anonymous :
“Content – excellent and very valuable. Classroom training – exceptional as always. Practice sessions: Just what we needed. Claudia is always extremely ‘present’ during the training. I enjoy her sharing her own experiences and her wealth of wisdom”.

Norman Carlyle :
“As always, I can see how this course will prepare me as a therapist. The instructors total dedication to getting the knowledge across”.

Anonymous :
“I learned a lot and enjoyed the presentation. The course covered all aspects of P.T. and role playing gave me a good perspective of how to apply what I learned. I enjoyed the ‘laid back’ atmosphere. Her teaching style is relaxed and her humour made learning very pleasant. Her outstanding knowledge gave me more confidence to practice P.T. “.

Aira Klopper :
“Parts Therapy is very special and is a technique that has given me huge confidence – love it. Claudia was wonderful as usual and once again made this an exceptional course”.

Carl Nel :
“This was very good. Parts Therapy is a must for any Hypnotherapist. Thanks for the great course”.

Arno Stadler :
“Claudia’s understanding of these principles shows. Thank you for another tool in my hypnotherapy toolbox. It was a very good course. Even being a regression hypnotherapist I found these learnings valuable. Thanks! “.

Anonymous :
“Fantastic course! Great tool that is easy to understand. Time for practice is absolutely critical”.

Anonymous :
“Down to earth and clearly answers all concerns and questions”.

Anonymous :
“I admire her knowledge and experience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge “.

Michael Smith :
“This course has been one of the best to date. It just makes it so easy to facilitate change in a client”.