Resource Strategy Approach (RSA)

Classroom Courses

Prerequisites: The CC1 course is required to be able to attend RSA

Duration: 2 days, Saturday and Sunday

Times: Sat: 09:00 to 17:00, Sun: 09:00 to 17:00

Unique to the SAIH curriculum, the Resource Strategy Approach© is a powerful technique that addresses the disconnection from one’s resources, worthiness, and abilities, offering a variety of strategies that can seemingly work miracles. This approach is particularly relevant in the context of hypnosis practices, as it helps individuals tap into their “I CAN” mindset, enabling them to explore their inner strength and wisdom. By embracing personal power and challenging existing truths, individuals can initiate the desired change, fuel their aspirations, and set energy in motion. The Resource Strategy Approach© workshop is the springboard to making desired changes probable.

What students are saying about the course


Johan Diedericks:
“Thank you soooo much! Loved it! New experience and better understanding of this part of therapy. I thank you! I am grateful!”

Janine Troskie:
“Impossible to put words to such phenomenal experiences.”

Dhavan Reddy:
“Thank you very much for this beautiful course. It has changed by outlook on life completely and will definitely enhance my contribution to humankind.”

Vimi Maharaj:
“I felt very honoured to be part of Claudia’s hypnosis session with the client. She is very experienced and highly spiritual. This has been an amazing weekend. Thank you.”

Josefa Marrato:
“This course was the highest step of my training as a Hypnotherapist. I learned a lot for my practice as well as for my own life journey.”

Samantha Bhikraj:
“This was an amazing learning experience… not just as a student but also to be able to apply it to my life. Thank you.”

Shizu Naruse:
“I believe that it was one of the most beneficial workshops I have ever attended.”

Terry Rhoda:
“This was incredibly insightful and I enjoyed everything about this module. So educational & useful.”

Stewart Schwartz:
“It was much more than I expected. A new and exhilarating dimension to add to my repertoire. The handout etc. was outstanding.”

“Handout material very comprehensive and it is a great add on to CC2. It will enhance my ability to assist clients to resolve their challenges.”

Sharon Dill:
“Excellent! Really gave me clarity and a lot of resources to work with. Very comprehensive.”

“Thank you, this clarified the benefits really well. I will be more confident to explore more in the resource state.”

“It helped to make sense of a lot of things that I didn’t quite understand.”

Dennis Harding:
“What an eye opened. The deeper we go the clearer it gets.”

“Excellent! Should have done this earlier already. Thank you for all the thought, time and research that went into this. This workshop will help me to facilitate better Resource States and outcome.”

Ryna Holtzhausen:
“I enjoyed it as it clarifies the Resource State more. It also helped me regarding the first session of a client.”

Aira Klopper :
“The Resource state will now become a little jewel in my sessions. Claudia, thank you for all your love and enthusiasm.”

Sandy Klopper :
“It has put the Resource State into perspective for me. In the other workshops it was always said that it was important but this has made the penny drop. I will use the Resource State as a tool now instead of as a step to achieve the tool.”

Yasmin Moosa :
“Helped to bring everything together. I have different options to use with the client once in the Resource State.”

“This workshop will most definitely influence my future as I will be much more well equipped to provide my client with a fantastic experience.”

“Brought all the learnings for me, from CC1 – CC3, together.”

June Stone:
“Love the indepth study of this amazing process – important for continuous study and competence. Lovely practical experience, filled with useful and meaningful examples.”

Julia Theunissen :
“Great, and good add on – great refresher. Better than I expected… great ! as always !” 

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