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Lorraine Knoetze, CPTF

Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator
Edenvale / Bedfordview Cell Phone: 0824671846 Website: Syntony (Pty) Ltd. Additional Areas of Expertise: . : Conversational Hypnosis Practices : Online Session Facilitation
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Discover and unlock a more fulfilling way of being.  

Get the assistance, tools and skills to make positive, lasting changes to how you think and behave to improve the quality of your life.

I use the powerful combination of Hypnotherapy (non-medical) Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help clients identify and overcome challenges and obstacles both in their personal and professional lives.

Learn to deal with life’s challenges more effectively and improve your ability to achieve goals.

  • Life transitions •stuck-states •unresourceful thought patterns  •limiting beliefs•  self-doubt  •behaviour change  •confidence  •unforgiveness  •effects of past trauma  •anger  •internal conflict.

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Categories: East Rand, Gauteng
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