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Alex Janisch, CHT (non-medical), CPTF

NLP, life coach and counsellor Certified Hypnotherapist (non – Medical) ; Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator
Pretoria Cell Phone: 065-822-6075 Additional Areas of Expertise: . : Spiritual Hypnosis Facilitator : HypnoMed: Advanced Pain Management : Past Life Regression and Soul Journeys : Online Session Facilitation
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I’m here for you.

Having initially studied psychology at university 30 years ago, I rediscovered my passion for the mind and body connection after certain life events led me down a path of discovery. I understand what it is like to hit bumps in the road and struggle with inner conflict. Specializing in parts therapy and regression therapy to free oneself of the negativity of the past I am passionate about helping you help yourself. Now is the time to make that change!


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