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Photo of Muriel Chinoda CHT (non-medical), CPTF
Certified Hypnotherapist (Non Medical); Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator
Randburg Cell Phone: 078 977 2477 Additional Areas of Expertise: . : Conversational Hypnosis Practices : HypnoMed: Advanced Pain Management : Past Life Regression and Soul Journeys : Online Session Facilitation

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Author of the book: UNSHACKLE THYSELF from Subconscious Beliefs Holding YOU Hostage.
Discover aspects of life & living that most people go to their graves without ever
being exposed to. Come and let me empower you to release the subconscious brakes –
beliefs & patterns that have been holding YOU hostage physically, financially,
mentally, emotionally, or otherwise. What if you could finally break free from years of trauma,
pain, anxiety, hopelessness, enslavement, despondency, mediocrity; and start living a life of freedom and fulfilment – Life by Design, Life on your terms?

Categories: Gauteng, West Rand
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Photo of Sonia Pascoal CHT (non-medical), CPTF
Certified Hypnotherapist (Non Medical); Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator

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Sonia Pascoal is a Certified Hypnotherapist  CHT (non-medical) (SAIH), Parts Therapy Facilitator and Past life Regression and Soul Journey Facilitator.
Hypnotherapy is a Natural and Effective Healing tool that can be used to Release and Transform Emotions, Unwanted Behaviours, Limiting Beliefs, Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Stress and to Stop Smoking, and Making Positive shifts. Creating Balance, Harmony and Wellness from Within. Manifesting your Goals and Understanding the Body Mind Soul Connection on a Deeper Level.
Every Journey is as Unique as You are. Every Journey is a Journey of Courage, Transformation and Self Empowerment. Leading You To Realize Your Power and Your Potential Within.
I Look Forward to our Journey.




Categories: Gauteng, West Rand
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