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Photo of Dr Martin Carstens CHT (non-medical), CPTF
B Iuris B Admin (Hons) M Admin D Admin Certified Hypnotherapist (non – Medical) ; Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator
PLattekloof Cell Phone: 0829083344 Additional Areas of Expertise: . : Spiritual Hypnosis Facilitator : HypnoMed: Advanced Pain Management : Past Life Regression and Soul Journeys : Online Session Facilitation

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We all have within us a subconscious awareness, and a resilience to overcome debilitating emotions, chronic and physical ailments. Hypnosis practices involve a process whereby I guide YOU to identify and deal with the root causes of dysfunctional behaviour and disorders – some which may have had an early childhood onset, or even from a past life.

I work with limiting beliefs, release and transform self-defeating emotions, fears, anxiety, addiction, compulsive behaviours, dysfunctional relationships, MS, depression, asthma and IBS. My assistance is premised on my own experience of having overcome self-destructive trauma and depression.



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Durbanville Cell Phone: 0826333796 Additional Areas of Expertise: . : Compulsive Behaviour and Smoking Cessation

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Photo of Micaela Pieters CHT (non-medical), CPTF
Certified Hypnotherapist (Non Medical); Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator
Northern Suburbs/ Durbanville Cell Phone: 0615530503 Additional Areas of Expertise: . : Compulsive Behaviour and Smoking Cessation : HypnoMed: Advanced Pain Management : Online Session Facilitation

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At times our lives can be hard, the world a scary place, obstacles seem insurmountable. Sometimes in these times we lose ourselves. With compassion and understanding Hypnosis can help you uncover strengths and abilities long since repressed and forgotten. Once this happens you realise that life flows, the world is bright and shiny, and you are soaring!
I am passionate about helping people realise their full potential and Hypnotherapy has provided me with the tools and techniques to achieve this hand in hand with you, my client. You are already one step closer to healing. Now, take the next step.


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