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Thank you for taking the time to review my profile. I have dedicated over two decades to the field of hypnosis practices and holistic wellness, and I have had the privilege of training numerous students. Currently, due to my position at SAIH, I am not seeing individual clients. However, I have complete confidence in every member of our referral website. These individuals have demonstrated exceptional determination by successfully completing our rigorous curriculum and have shown the strength to pursue our world-class training. They are fully capable of fulfilling their purpose to assist you. I encourage you to contact them , as they may be the catalyst for the positive change you have been seeking.

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Sunset Beach Cell Phone: 084 564 7991 Additional Areas of Expertise: . : Conversational Hypnosis Practices : Compulsive Behaviour and Smoking Cessation

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Grotto Bay Cell Phone: 072-020-8513

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Let me guide you through the incredible transformations which are available through the Art of Hypnosis. I am competent with the entire spectrum of Hypnotherapy and can assist you to find resources within yourself to change old perceptions, alter unwanted feeling, behaviours and ways of thinking that don’t serve you anymore. I developed a passion to work with young children and consider it a real privilege to observe the astonishing results that are often reached in a short time period. I look forward to welcome you into a non judgmental environment and to facilitate the session with integrity and confidentiality.

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Photo of Lungisa E Sonqishe CPTF, CHT (non-medical)
BA Communication Certified Hypnotherapist (non – Medical) ; Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator

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I am a dedicated practitioner of mindset growth and personal development. With a strong focus on changing thought patterns to positively impact behaviour, I specialize in utilising hypnotherapy (nm) techniques to empower individuals to achieve their goals. I help clients overcome limiting beliefs and unlock their full potential.  Managing daily stressors, anxieties, self-esteem, and various other challenges is an ongoing part of our lives. So, if you’re looking to improve your career, relationships, wellness, or struggle with inner conflict, I am here to guide you on your journey toward lasting transformation. Blog : Channel :


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