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Zaahera Bibi Naik, CHT (non-medical), CPTF

BA (Hons) Psychology, Life Coach, NLP Certified Hypnotherapist (non – Medical) ; Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator
Stellenbosch (online and in person) Cell Phone: 061-3830-600 Website: Additional Areas of Expertise: . : Conversational Hypnosis Practices : Spiritual Hypnosis Facilitator : Compulsive Behaviour and Smoking Cessation : HypnoMed: Advanced Pain Management : Past Life Regression and Soul Journeys : Online Session Facilitation
Photo of Zaahera Bibi Naik CHT (non-medical), CPTF

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Having been intrigued by the mind, body, spirit connection my entire life has taken me on a journey of discovery, starting with the study of psychology and culminating in the study of hypnotherapy which brings everything together in a most comprehensive manner.

Hypnosis is a natural state inherent in everyone, enabling the client to connect to the subconscious mind and powerful inner resources, making client-centred hypnotherapy an amazingly effective modality.

Using the modalities available to me, let me help you bring about the change you desire in order to live the life you deserve to live.

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